April 2011: A Whiff of Spring

The Free Dictionary defines “whiff” as: “A slight, gentle gust of air; a waft: a whiff of cool air.” This picture, taken in Santa Barbara last week-end when my husband & I visited two of our kids and their partners, is definitely “springy.” Thanks to Ignacio for a great photo!

As I am writing the Home page for April, the weather outside is anything but “springy.” But, having just returned from California, where spring weather is a few weeks ahead of us, I am optimistic that soon we will have California’s weather, despite the pouring rain this morning. After all, it is April Fool’s Day!

In the meantime, there are many more “holidays” in April, more than I can cover in one month. For example, there are 12 month long observances (from www.about.com by Sheri Osborn), such as National Autism Month, National Garden Month, National Humor Month, and National Poetry Month, to name only four.

Then, of course, are daily observances, such as the aforementioned April Fool’s Day (April 1st), No Housework Day (April 7th: I’m for that!), World Health Day, also April 7th; National Sibling Day (April 10th), Earth Day (April 22nd), and National Pretzel Day (April 26th). Also, Easter and Passover are celebrated this month, quite close together.


So, for this month, I would like to focus on Earth Day, Garden Month, and Poetry Month, with a nod to some of the other interesting celebrations as they come along.

With the recent devastating tsunami and near meltdown of Japan’s nuclear towers last month, I am sure many of us are concerned about Mother Earth
and how we can make our planet safer and cleaner.




Apropos of Earth Day, when I was in California, my daughter showed me a book she is now reading. I hope to find it in the library and review it by Earth Day. It is called: Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth. My daughter was  so passionate about the contents that I have to find a copy quickly so I can pass on some of the information to those of you reading this.






Since April is also National Garden Month and still a little early to start my patio herb garden, I thought I would do (another) feature on sprouting, my favorite indoor gardening activity. Below is a photo of  baby greens or micro greens, also known as soil sprouts. I will check back in a previous posting to see what I have already written about and do an update on sprouts.

This is a picture of the soil sprouts I grew for my Women’s International Luncheon in March.


Because it is National Poetry Month, I plan to feature some of my classmate’s (Mary Lou Meyers) wonderful poetry. We are invited to her 50th anniversary celebration at Longwood Gardens, where I hope to take some photos of early spring flowers and hear some of her poetry.

In the meantime, here is a poem I found on www.poemhunter.com. Seems perfect for April.


I fell in love –
Taken by the innocence of
Child-face daffodils;

Their perky April fanfares,
Clarion calls from yellow-ochre brass bands             
Presaging, rejoicing, calling us:

‘Here we are! Here we are! ’

Copyright © Mark R. Slaughter 2010

See the link below for notes on this poem:
http: //succumbedtothinking.webs.com/featuredpoems.htm

Note: These daffodils are in front of our local library. I took the photo late in March, the first sign of spring in my area.



Finally, I hope to do a Profile of an interesting woman I met on the plane coming home. She has lived in Cape Cod, Alaska, and currently operates a small, organic coffee farm in Hawaii, but is ready for her next adventure. She also creates lovely jewelry from gem stones and tiny diamonds. Hopefully, I will be able to secure some photos  of her farm and her work.


Meanwhile, stay healthy & optimistic. Last night I watched Conviction on TV, a recent movie with Hilary Swank as a sister who spent nearly 20 years fighting to get her brother out of prison for a murder he did not commit. She went to law school in order to fight for his life. Based on a  true story, it is a story of an uphill struggle and fierce survival. Lots of lessons on optimism in that movie!

Keep your sunny side UP, like these daffodils!




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