April 2010: Spring Has Sprung!

About time, I say! Winter was very long this year, and when I saw my  first crocuses and daffodils, I felt joyful. And since JOY is the theme for 2010, the fit is perfect!  I wrote a poem to celebrate Spring and it is posted below.

I think the most important “event” for April will be Earth Day, and if my memory serves me correctly, which I often doubt, I attended the first Earth Day in 1970, which means this is the 40th anniversary.  There was no talk of Global Warming or Climate Change or even eating lower on the food chain that day to conserve resources, but now many of those ideas are on the tips of our tongues and uppermost in our minds.  My plan is to add an Earth Day “tip” to every posting, either as part of product information, book reviews, or just quotes and pieces of information I have gathered in my files. (Your suggestions are also welcome.) Actually the photo below of birds positioned like a smile, seems perfect, as though God or whoever is up there is smiling down on Earth. (A friend sent me this.)


I plan to post some easy, healthful, tasty “low impact” recipes to celebrate Spring and Earth Day.  Hopefully, these will bring a smile to your face, pocketbook, and tummy! The first one will be Potatoes Primavera. I figured that if I use lots of veggies with the potatoes, they would offset the impact of white potatoes having a high glycemic index. I will post this recipe in a couple of days. This is just the photo.


As for a book review, I am thinking of books that are appropriate for Earth Day and Spring. This one, Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko, has been on my “Books to Read” list all winter and now I think this is the month to do it!

Apropos to book reviews is National Library Week, which will be observed April 11-18. “First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is a national observance sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country each April. It is a time to celebrate the contributions of our nation’s libraries and librarians and to promote library use and support. All types of libraries – school, public, academic and special – participate.” Source: www.ala.org.  If you haven’t visited your local library recently, do it soon! I hope to interview a local librarian who has edited several humorous books.



One of the sadder items on the “menu” this month is Holocaust Memorial Day, Sunday, April 11th. As a Jew I am very aware of this day, but in the posting near that day I would like to discuss not only the nearly 6 million Jews who were murdered, but the non-Jews who were also caught in Hitler’s horror. It is something we don’t think about often, but when I receive emails about Darfur, I am reminded that Genocide is still with us. When I Googled this topic, one site that came up had as its theme “Legacy of Hope,” which fits in with my yearly theme, so I will look for something hopeful for this difficult day. Here is one of the logos from the Holocaust Memorial Day site:



On that “hopeful” note, I will post my poem,

Make Way for Spring

Spring has arrived, amidst chill and rain

As rivulets trickle down my windowpane.

Then the sun appears & warms the air.

Earth is alive; the clouds are fair.

The cycle of Life begins once more;

Winter’s over, let Spring in the door!


First come the crocuses and daffodils

Showing their faces and colorful frills.

Then watch the tulips and magnolias bloom—

Make way for Spring. Give it plenty of room!


Mother Nature in all her glory—

The season of Spring—a wonderful story.


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