(Dawn outside my patio door. The colors were incredible!)

April’s posting is a little earlier than usual because of something I received in the mail that I want to share with you. On Saturday, March 29th there will something called Earth Hour 2008. From 8 pm to 9 pm, people across the globe will turn off their lights as part of a global event to symbolize that each one of us, working together, can make a positive impact on climate change. Please go to www.earthhour.org to find out more and to make a personal pledge to reduce your own carbon footprint. This comes a few days before Earth Day, but it is a conscious way to kick off April and Earth Day on April 22nd.

While I love Fall and its glorious colors, Spring always speaks to me of renewal. As the buds begin to peak from the branches, and crocuses push their tiny shoots through the ground, we are once more hopeful that another Spring is on its way. But having just read Rachel Carson’s hard-hitting book of 1962, Silent Spring, my fear is that Spring is at risk, as are all the other seasons. Unless we stop trying to control MOther Nature, and instead, work with her, our children and grandchildren will not enjoy Nature’s bounty much longer. (Click on the profile of Rachel Carson to read more.)

On a more positive note, Spring is the time for early veggies such as peas, radishes, early lettuce, and scallions/spring onions. So this month’s recipes are simple in their ingredients, but very tasty if you can secure some locally grown early Spring veggies for your dinner table. (Part of Earth Day for me is that we eat as much local, organic prduce as possible. Since I have no vegetable garden at our condo, I rely on organic sources in my immediate area.)

April is also the month of Passover, a Jewish holiday that some Christians have begun to celebrate because the Passover meal was also the Last Supper of Jesus. A new cookbook by author Susie Fishbein, Passover by Design, can be found in the book reviews, but don’t be fooled by the title. Most of the recipes can be enjoyed any time of the year, and if you are Jewish or not. However, at Passover, no leavened products such as bread can be used, so you will find no bread recipes, but plenty of gluten-free recipes as a bonus for those avoiding gluten. (I will devote one of the future postings to gluten-free recipes and ideas.)


Earth Day/Global Warming is the main focus for April, wherever you look. However, I found a very interesting article on emissions in www.Earthsave.com, which can be found under Health Flashes/Special Reports. You may be surprised that CO2 is not as impactful as methane gas, the greatest source of which is from the meat industry. Please read at least the bold sections for some eye-opening information about global warming.

I think all of us have to practice conscious living evry day of our lives, not just Earth Day. In looking through my files, I came across lists of how we can save our planet from human destruction. Basically, there variations of the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle. But the article by Arthur Baral, a man I met many years ago at a Vegetarian conference, puts another spin on Earth Day that I think you might find interesting. Check This ‘n That for his thoughts that might help you see the link between our bodies and the body of Mother Earth.

Both the articles about Earth Day are fairly long for my website, so you may want to break up reading this month’s postings in more than one setting. It’s just that Earth Day has become such an important event and the two articles are not ones you would find in mainstream magazines, so I wanted to post them in their entirety.

Finally, the photos this month are taken from various places, including our trip out West last summer. The sunrise above I captured one cold morning outside my patio door in mid-March. It was so glorious that I once again marveled at Mother Nature’s bounty and beauty.

Enjoy early Spring and make at least one important environmental change in your daily life that will help guarantee that Spring will come again and again and again…..


Spring in miniature–a bonsai at Longwood Gardens.

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