Announcing Divorce Dayz

dd-ellensueThis is me, Ellen Sue, several years post-divorce and smiling. There is life after divorce!

Divorce Dayz is a blog for midlife women anticipating, experiencing, or having experienced a divorce after many years of marriage. My own midlife divorce left me devastated, so over the years I began a manual to help myself and others survive their divorce and then thrive in the second half of their lives.

I hope this blog will empower women and I hope women will respond to the posting so we can support one another during what could be a very difficult time.

As with my other blog,, there will be book reviews and quotes, with the addition of research I may uncover, as well as articles that I find that might be of interest.

Your input is important to me, so I hope to hear from all of you reading this.

This is called a “bottle-brush flower.” (not its real name.) With divorce, you may need to scrub away your old life and start anew.


P.S.This was the announcement when I had a separate blog.


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