Announcement About Recipe Index

Here I am, getting ready to make a recipe, dressed in  my apron!

Dear Readers:

This Fall I started working with a senior in high school named Adam to help me set up You Tube. (I am still learning!)  He showed me how to list my recipes with a link directly to the recipe, so if you go to the Index and see a highlighted and underlined recipe, you know you can click on it & you will go directly to the recipe.

Since doing this with all my recipes is a tedious process, I have started by linking the ones I posted since starting with Adam. Eventually, I hope to have all the recipes listed with their links to the pages on which they were first posted, saving you much time. You need not go to the Search box, just to the Index.

Please be patient. The job is very labor intensive & sometimes I become side-tracked when I see an article that has been mis-spaced or otherwise not how I first posted it.

Thanks for your patience,


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