Amazing Lemon Dressing (on YouTube!)

Note: Just posted this on You Tube. Thanks to hubby Alan for taking the video.
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*This is lemon dressing over cooked kasha with Brussels sprouts

Lemons are amazing. According to John Douillard’s 3-Season Diet (to be reviewed at the end of the month), a lemon’s sour taste acts as an antidote to the cold of winter because of its heating effects. In spring, lemon juice helps break up mucus generated by dampness. Add honey to lemon juice for use as an expectorant and digestive aid. While the lemon starts out as having cooling properties, this is followed by an internal heating property to support digestion because of its sour taste. Yest it does not overheat the stomach and is successful for heartburn. (p. 254) For more information on the amazing lemon, go to

Utensils: Food processor, cutting board and knife, measuring cup
Prep. Time: Under 10 minutes
Cooking Time: None
Categories: Vegan, gluten-free, sugar free (if using meyer lemons)


1/2 large, organic lemon or one whole small, organic, meyer lemon
one garlic clove
3/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup spring water
salt & pepper (optional)
fresh or dried herbs of your choice (I used fresh basil)


1. Wash and dice lemon. Peel and chop garlic. Measure water and olive oil into measuring cup.
2. Put all in blender/food processor. Add herbs and condiments of choice.
3. Blend until smooth. Some little pieces of lemon may remain. Remove.
4. Pour into a small pitcher. Refrigerate & bring to room temperature before using.

Yield: About one cup

*I will post this recipe separately

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