Alley Cat Rescue & Earth Day Info

Caring for animals, both domestic and wild, is an important part of our lives. Pets are a comfort to us and wild animals and their habitats are necessary for planetary biodiversity.

The information on the back of Alley Cat Rescue’s letter seems important enough to post, because it covers more than cats. Here it is:


 Alley Cat’s Rescue’s primary work is with cats, but we also care about birds and other wildlife. To help, please:

  1. Reduce your paper and wood consumption to save trees for birds.
  2. Car pool or take public transportation.
  3. Recycle and take reusable bags when shopping.
  4. TNR (Train-Neuter-Return) outdoor cats to reduce colonies over time.
  5. Join Meatless Mondays — eating lower on the food chain saves trees, land, water and birds.

Thank you! From Alley Cat Rescue, Inc. (

My younger daughter and daughter-in-law rescued two cats from a shelter. Here is a photo of  their favorite pastime—— Sleeping!

Ginger is in the foreground and Ruby in the background.

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