ALKAZONE®: Alkaline Water for More Balanced Health

Disclaimer: I am a nutrition educator, not a dietitian. This article is for information only, not a prescription. Check with your own doctor, as I did, before purchasing Alkazone.***

In my Nobody Eats Like Me category, I reviewed alkalinity (vs acidity) in your body. Here is the link for: The Amazing Acid Alkaline Cookbook by Bonnie Ross and The Acid/Alkaline Food Guide by Susan E. Brown & Larry Trivieri, Jr.: If you go to this link, you will learn about the importance of eating foods that are more alkaline, because our bodies function better when the body is more alkaline. (We can measure solutions on a pH scale that tells us if it is acidic, alkaline, or neutral: 0-6 is acidic, 7 is neutral, and 8-14 is alkaline.)

What I did not explore was the importance of our water being more alkaline to balance the fact that most of us eat a diet that is more acidic than alkaline, creating an imbalance. By alkalizing our water we can help restore that imbalance. In a very interesting article called “Alkaline Water: Hereâ€s What the Experts Say,” there are testimonials from six different people in the field of health who explain why alkaline water is so important. Then, this past June, my family doctor, a D.O., and his wife, an acupuncturist, offered alkaline water to a dozen patients to test if certain symptoms or problems were helped by drinking ½ gallon of alkaline water daily. I took my gallon jugs to the office two times per week and drank the water. According to the office, the questionnaire showed improvements of many of the symptoms people were having improved. (Including mine.) Then I went to California to visit family and found that one of my hosts was using Alkazone® drops to alkalize his water. I called the company and spoke to a young man named Neil who sent me information on this topic,including the article by Dr. Lark excerpted below.

Since I donâ€t believe in coincidences, but rather repeated events that seem like coincidences to wake us up to something important, all of this seemed to come together in the last couple of months. Reading the article by Dr. Susan Lark, called “The Alkaline Way of Health” from her newsletter, The Larks Letter, that Neil sent, I learned some additional information that I am sharing:

1. All the trillions of cells in our bodies contain many alkaline substances (ex. minerals, sodium, oxygen) that, when combined, produce a slightly alkaline pH within your cells. (See above for pH scale.)

2. Our bodies are constantly bombarded with acidic substances that include environmental pollutants, acid-forming foods, and stress. (In the books I reviewed [see above] I listed the 10 most alkalizing foods & the ten most acidic forming foods.)

3. While our bodies have a built-in buffering system to help maintain that slightly alkaline “edge.” However, (and this is why I think alkaline water so important), as most women age this buffering system weakens. This, in turn, leads to a reduced immune system and energy levels. With a weakened buffering system, the body calls on the high level of alkaline minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, that we have stored in our bones.  The result is bone loss, which increases our risk of osteoporosis.

4. Dr. Lark has been advising her patients to eat a diet rich in alkaline foods, manage stress, exercise, and taking a multi-nutrient. She also recommends using an alkalizing product, especially if your body seems to be more acidic. (You can buy test tapes in a drug store for testing your urine & saliva.) Since drinking & cooking water is one way to add alkalinity to your diet. (4 to 6 cups of alkalizing water daily.)

5. Here is a list of conditions that Dr. Lark believes alkaline water will help treat:

a. arthritis
b. chronic constipation or diarrhea
c. chronic fatigue
d. colds & flu
e. heartburn
f. high blood pressure
g. indigestion
h. leg cramps
i. nausea & morning sickness
j. osteoporosis+
k. poor circulation

+May was National Osteoporosis Month, but I did not learn about this until after I came back from Calif. this past May & did not want to wait until next May to share this.

Additionally, Dave, the marketing exec @ ALKAZONE®, sent me another article that appeared in FIRST for Women called The alkaline cure for tiredness (July 22, 2013). The article by Melissa Gotthardt, contributor,  states that alkaline water has smaller molecules than regular water; therefore, cells absorb it more quickly. Also, alkaline water contains important minerals that function as electrolytes to enhance your fluid balance.



One of the products Dr. Lark recommends is ALKAZONE®, alkalizing drops which I now use on a daily basis to alkzalize my water. Their website is There you will find more information to help you decide is their products are something to investigate. Here are some of the facts from the literature inside their alkaline booster drops:

Only pH between 6.8 and 7.8 are compatible with human life. ALKAZONE® neutralizes excess acidity, thus helping the body to naturally rid itself of toxic acid waste products to maintain a healthy pH balance….Stressful lifestyles cause excess acid to be released in the stomach...ALKAZONE® neutralizes these stomach acids.

ALKAZONE® also contains some other healthful ingredients, such as potassium, calcium, selenium (An antioxidant), magnesium and zinc. The literature also emphasizes that their products are not medicines and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, although the literature does say that many people have reported an increased sense of well-being after using ALKAZONE®. Read the information on the website so you can decide for yourself. (



***Also, if you want to try the alkaline booster drops, which I use daily, just go to: and click on the product you want to go in your shopping cart.

Then when you check out (upper right hand column) type the code  Menupause in the box where it

says CODE on the order form and you will receive free shipping.


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  1. Thanks for this information. I’ve been thinking about alkaline water for some time and you have spurred me to try it. I was just diagnosed with osteopenia and must take action because I do not want to take meds!

  2. Hey, I just hopped over to your site via Stumble Upon. Not soihmetng I would normally read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thanks for making soihmetng worth reading.

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