A Tulip Tyme Rhyme

The title of this month’s Home Page was: It Better Be Spring! And while we have had some bizarre weather, the flowers are the surest sign that spring has arrived.


Daffodils in early spring are almost, nearly “all”*
Trumpet-faces brighter than the jeweled leaves of fall.

Now Mother Nature steals our hearts with tulips’ colors—bold!
Blooming daily, while chilly air holds onto winter’s cold.


But we all know that “April showers bring May flowers”
So don’t forget about nature’s powers…


For tulips lining garden walls mean winter’s really passed;
Despite the wind & rain & cold, spring’s here at last, at last!


* When I lived in C. PA, the word “all” was short for all done finished, or no more left.

Earth Day, Every Day: While April is gone, please don’t forget about Earth Day, Every Day.

Before going to bed at night or first thing in the morning, think about what you have done that day or will do the current day to heal the earth, whether it be to: walk more instead of using a car, eat lower on the food chain, reduce/reuse/recycle, read a book on being green, or just being conscious of what impact your daily living habits have on the environment.

By staying conscious of your daily actions, you will begin to make other choices that are healthier for the environment, and through the trickle down process, healthier for you.  After all, Mother Earth is the only place we know where we can survive, so taking care of our mother means taking care of all of us!

This photo was entitled Mother Earth Day


One thought on “A Tulip Tyme Rhyme

  1. Great poem. It tells all it needs to tell about the season when our expectations run so high. I’m hoping we can celebrate Mother’s Day at Longwood early of course, since if the weather cooperates it will be be busy. It’s National Garden Day on Friday, many gardens including Longwood are open to the public on that day. You can check your listing to be certain the garden you wish to see is open. Longwood won an award for the most popular Display Garden in the country sponsored by a newspaper. So take a family member, a friend, but don’t forget many will be open to the public.

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