A Star-Spangled Fourth of July by Mary Lou Meyers

The sky was lit up with a panoramic display,
echoing thunderbolts for emphasis.
A million sparkling multi-colored gems,
configurations of sunbursts and flowers erupting,
softly-arched rainbows
and parachutes streaming down,
blinking light flickering briefly when they touch down.
Doused by the lake, they fizzle and die
while frightened ducks scatter nearby.
A flag unfurled, a patriotic swirl of 9/11 significance,
red bleeding into white stars in the midnight blue sky
etched forever in our consciousness.
Boats drift in formation like a thousand searching eyes
reaching out to hold in their spell
the magnificence of the Star-spangled scene.
All too soon, only the intricate web
of sooty smoke remains,
and the full moon is restored to its rightful place
in the star-studded universe.
Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

4 thoughts on “A Star-Spangled Fourth of July by Mary Lou Meyers

  1. Happy Birthday America! We are blessed to live in this country. God Bless America forever!

  2. I watched fireworks just exactly as I described in the poem on a lake in New Hampshire. So much
    has transpired since then, but I’ll always remember born on Flag Day and raising the Red, White,
    and Blue, knowing full well that my emigrant mother came here for the freedoms we possess routinely.
    We as a nation may not be perfect, but we have the right to protest when the freedom of certain of our
    citizens is abridged. I think our generation particularly those born in the Depression, and willing to make sacrifices did so willingly because it was privilege to live in this country. So many gave their lives in order to keep the world free.

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