A Seed is Sleepy by author Dianna Hutts Ashton & illustrator Sylvia Long

My older daughter sent me two gifts for my birthday, which is today. One is a lovely chili pepper apron which I plan to use when guests come to eat. The other is this children’s book about seeds. Since I am an avid sprouter, my daughter thought this wold be a good book for me. I love children’s books, and as a teacher, I could see reading this to a class when I substitute teach.

The book is illustrated with wonderful drawings of all different kinds of seeds and plants in a large format  (9″x 11″). The text of the book is easy to read and packed with a great deal of scientific information that a child can understand. Here is the text from the one of the two page entitled : “A Seed is Naked.”

“Scientists call gymnosperms–seeds that aren’t clothes in fruits—naked seeds.  Most naked seeds hide themselves on the scales of cones until they;re ready to make a dash for the ground.”

The two pages accompanying the text are beautifully illustrated in color, with enough white space on the page between the text and illustrator to make for an eye-appealing read.

This is a perfect gift for a child who can read or a younger child that an adult can read to. The illustrations by Sylvia Long and the text by Dianna Hutts, both award winners in their fields, are a perfect combination.  They have created a wonderful book that can be used in a science class or just as a terrific book to enjoy.

A Seed is Sleepy is published by Chronicle Books and sells for $16.99.

Special thanks to my daughter Eileen! I love it!

Here is another illustration which I chose because I grow sunflowers in soil on my windowsill & this is how they look.

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