A Room in Rome: Wed., May 18th, 2011

At 8:30 a.m., after our lovely breakfast buffet at Holiday Hotel, we took the local bus right in front of the hotel. The ride from Praiano to Positano took about 30 minutes. At Positano we “debussed” and walked quite a long way down to the waterfront and the beach. There were wonderful shops along the way and at the beach. (This photo is at the beach with colorful garments and flowers.)

On the right is another photo of Positano that includes the beach in the foreground. The dock is to the left, behind the white fence. (In the previous posting I posted one by my friend Jackie.)

We browsed until it was time to board the jet boat to Capri (also a ferry boat option, but that was full), the island made famous in the song Isle of Capri.* The boat was filled with tourists like us, but not as crowded or as hot as our Rome trips, thank goodness!

This is the wake as seen from the back of the jet boat to Capri, with the mountains in the background.


When we arrived at the dock in Capri, we took a short taxi ride (open-air with a canopy) up to the next level of the island, a village called Anacapri. The shops here were much more posh, like Rodeo Drive. Prices were steep, but the merchandise was of good quality. We stopped at two shops where each woman handcrafted children’s clothes.

Rhoda was thrilled to find a beautiful handcrafted hat and booties for her newest granddaughter-to-be from one shop (Photo left) and I spent some time in another shop (Photo below) talking with the owner, Tina, who sewed beautiful children’s garments (capes, dresses, pinafores) and made her own lace. The clothes were gorgeous! I fell in love with this shop, Pizzi e Merletti, which means Lace & Lace,  and Tina. After a lovely lunch outdoors, I went back and swapped two lace-edged doilies in exchange for sending her organic cotton fabric that I sent to Tina when I got home. (Still waiting to hear if she received the package.)

I also snapped a photo of a man making shoes as we watched. Shoes are a big item in Italy.


Below is a photo of Alan & me on a beautifully tiled bench in Anacapri. The whole place was a work of art!

By the time we hailed a cab back to Positano, waited for the jet back to Positano, and then the bouncy bus to Praiano, it was already late afternoon. We rested in our rooms and then Alan drove us in the van to the nearby town of Amalfi, where we had drinks in the main square, busy with lots of tourists and perhaps townspeople. We ate dinner at The Silver Moon; I had my first taste of Italian pasta with veggies. It was good, but not enough veggies. Tomorrow: Sorrento! But Capri is memorable enough for a rhyme!

Here is one of the beautiful trees in Anacapri and elsewhere in Italy.

Rhyme for Capri

Packed in booths on the Positano jet**
As we boarded the boat to Capri.
Perched houses left behind
As we “sailed” the Mediterranean Sea.

Visitors from many places
Dressed in summer attire:
Watching the view from the windows—
So much to see and admire.

Jagged cliffs speckled with greenery
Water as blue as the sky;
Jetting across to Capri
Just enjoy—don’t ask why!

(*While the song was actually written in 1934, Frank Sinatra recorded it on October 1, 1957 for his album: Come Fly with Me, issued in 1958. I think that’s the version I remember. Thanx, Wikipedia!)

**Like a giant jet ski

P.S. Today is my younger daughter’s birthday and I used Rhoda’s international cell phone to call her and text her Happy Birthday! One of the miracles of modern technology!

4 thoughts on “A Room in Rome: Wed., May 18th, 2011

  1. Ellen Sue:

    What a wonderful vacation! Your pictures are terrific! So glad to hear from you.

    Best regards.

  2. I visited Capri in 1971 and will never forget the lovely island and the Grotto Azure (Blue Grotto). We traveled by boat around the island to a sea cave that is only accessible at low tide. Then we stepped from boat to rowboat and crouched low to row into the grotto. The water inside glowed as we rowed around the inside of the cave. It was quite an experience for the then 21 year old me!! Thanks for helping me remember Capri!

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