A Room in Rome: Thurs., May 19th, 2011

This is the large garden on the lower level. In the lower right hand side you can see a corner of a garden plot on the upper level where I took the photo.

Today we went to Ravello* in the morning to see the Villa Rufolo Gardens. The trip by car took about 30 minutes and nearby was a zoo, but we were focused on the gardens. While the estate on which the terraced gardens are planted is small, the layout and beautiful flowers more than compensates for the small size. The lower level of the gardens are very symmetrical, planted  perfectly down to every row. Here are two photos from the upper gardens.

One of my best shots, I think, is this one below, which I took from the lower level of the garden looking over the Mediterranean Sea.

Before leaving, Alan took a photo of the five of us in between the columns of an open walkway below in the gardens. Beautiful architecture. Alan was on the opposite side of the “patio” below.

After visiting the gardens, we went into the village of Ravello to have a cold drink. The plaza was lovely, with flowers, souvenir shops and a ceramic shop. We rested and then headed back to our hotel in Praiano, stopping at a nice restaurant on the road for lunch.

The restaurant was right on a bend in the curvy road, and fortunately, there was a small parking lot right near the place, or we would not have been able to stop to eat there. We ate outside because the weather was delightful.

The waiter told us that all the vegetables were organically grown right on their property on the hills above the restaurant. I started to walk up a path but I think the fields are out of range. But I did see some laundry on the hill above the restaurant. What a setting for hanging laundry!

Returned to the restful Holiday Hotel; relaxed and read until 5 p.m. I packed most of my clothes and dressed for the evening in Sorrento.  When we arrived and parked, I was not impressed with the shops, even though the town was busy….nowhere as nice as Anacapri. But I did see another living statue (photo below), this time a woman dressed in bridal attire with a face painted silver. She never moved a muscle!

Today is Rhoda’s birthday. We celebrated at a restaurant of her choosing on a side street in Sorrento that we thought would be quiet since were not on the main street. Wrong! Motorcycles, cars, people all streamed by as we talked and ate and were serenaded by a guitarist. In fact, at most restaurants there was a traveling musician with a guitar, violin or accordion, singing for money. Some are good, some not so good. This one was good!

Alan bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate Rhoda’s birthday and he tipped the singer, as well. I had a lovely cream of asparagus soup (The waiter said it was vegetarian…I hope.) I also had a nicoise salad minus the tunafish and pudding for dessert.  One of my favorite desserts in Italy was a pudding, called panna cotta. (When I came home and Googled it, I found out that it is made with gelatin, so it is NOT vegetarian. Too late! I already digested it.)

We were not able to get to the sea, too dark after dinner. Alan said it was lovely, so I guess we will have to return to Sorrento, which is actually the name of a song.  By the time we returned to our hotel, it was 10:30 p.m.. Took a hot bath, wrote in my journal and went to sleep. (Photo is a thumbnail of the sea at Sorrento from the Internet.)

Tomorrow we take the long ride to Firenza (Florence). We are at the halfway point in our vacation. So far, it has been a good trip with a few “sidebars” of relationship issues, but nothing disastrous, except Kal and Irv having their pockets picked in Rome. And even that drama is fading.

P.S. At the gardens, one of our travel companions took a photo of Alan & me with my parasol. It was a warm day, but pleasantly sunny. The flowers beside us are brilliant!

*Situated right in the heart of Ravello just steps from the central Piazza Duomo, the Villa Rufolo is a lovely spot to escape from the summer crowds of tourists while savoring the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. The small town of Ravello is located high in the mountains of the Amalfi Coast, with stunning views overlooking the coastline stretching toward Salerno and the beautiful blue bay. Along with the Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, the Villa Rufolo boasts some of the most scenic views of the Amalfi Coast. With a convenient central location in town, the Villa Rufolo offers visitors the chance to enjoy the fine views while experiencing the local history of Ravello. Source: http://www.charmingitaly.com/ravello-villa-rufolo/

This is the Charming Italy site’s picture of the sea from the Villa Rufolo. Almost like mine above, but you can see the edge of the garden in this one. The view was magnificent!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us!! Great photos, and of course great prose!!
    love, -sylvia

  2. ellen sue:

    What a wonderful trip – exciting pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.


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