A Room in Rome: The Italian Connection

Wed., May 11th, 2011-Late afternoon

It’s here! We are finally leaving for Italy.  I can remember months ago when Alan rushed into the living room saying, “I can’t find a room in Rome!”

Now we sit in the airport; one of us is reading the paper, another is snacking, Alan’s doing Sidoku, and I am writing in my journal, naturally. How could I not document this “virgin” trip to Italy? Only Alan has been there before. The rest of us are first-timers.

To the left, our friends, the Hanovers.  Below, our friends, the Goldsteins.

Since marrying Alan in 2003, I have traveled to the Caribbean (a pre-nuptial cruise), Hawaii, Paris, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Alaska (cruise), Costa Rica, and now Italy. Until I met Alan, I had only been to Israel and Portugal/Spain. Travel was never in my “dream bag.” But now, Cinderella has nothing on me!

Alan & I waiting at the airport with the Hanovers & the Goldsteins

Boarding the plane

We took off about ½ hour later than scheduled. Planes to Europe fly in the evening so you arrive there early morning, European time. I had a tasty vegetarian meal and slept for about two hour. Too excited/nervous to sleep more…..

It’s about 11 p.m. in Philadelphia, but dawn is breaking outside the window of our plane as I look left. There is a beautiful streak of pink on the horizon, so we must be into Thursday. The sky is lightening and I think we may be overland, not sea, so perhaps we are in Portugal (a lovely country), or some other country in Europe, bound for Italy.

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