A Room in Rome, Sat., May 28th, 2011

After breakfast, we take public transportation to the  center of Padua (Padova in  Italian). We stop at a park across from the University of Padova, the second oldest university in Italy. (Bologna is the oldest.) The town is spread out with several historical buildings still in tact, since it was never bombed in WWII. However, there are also several modern buildings mixed in with the old.


Typical street in Padua.

Pedal Power in Padua!


We walk to a large piazza and stop at a restaurant
where we can eat outside under a canopy. Weather is
lovely, but still too hot to eat in the sun. I had a tasty salad and  Kal had his favorite: Pasta Bolognese!

Alan & I purchase a bronze pear that we spot in a store window. His credit card is rejected because he remembers that he called the credit card company before leaving with the dates of our return, so no more charges are accepted after the 27th (yesterday). We spend the next hour hunting for ATM machines that will take Jackie’s or Kal’s credit card so we have enough cash to get home. We are poor in Padua! (When we returned to the hotel, Alan calls the credit card company and reinstates his card Whew!)




One of the modern shops along the narrow streets.



In Italy we saw many live statues in almost every city. Men and women dress in costume, usually white or silver or bronze, to look like statues.  They stand very still and put out a box for coins. (I had my picture taken in Pisa with one of the statues and Jackie & Alan had one taken with Leonardo DaVinci in Florence).


Today I pose with Charlie Chaplin in front of a Chaplin film festival. He actually spoke to me and puckered his mouth in a kiss!! As you can see, he is all in white except for his black moustache & bowtie and red flower.

We finish lunch and window shop, stopping for a final gelato for the Hanovers & Rhoda. (Some of the shops close after lunch for several hours for siesta.) We take the bus back to our hotel and have tea/coffee/snacks. (Nice amenity!) I go back upstairs to finish packing and write in my journal. Need to be up at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow to take a cab to the airport (again) and hopefully home via Frankfort.

Here is a picture of a smaller piazza in Padua surrounded by beautiful architecture, which the locals take for granted.

The “bonus day” in Padua has been lovely, the kind of spring weather we expected instead of the heat of Roma, Firenza & Venzia. Also, since Padova is not a tourist trap, I had a glimpse of everyday life in an Italian city and it was a very pleasant experience. But we are all eager to return to the U.S. safely. Unfortunately, the two-day delay means my daughter Basha and her partner Maura cancelled plans to come for the week-end when our condo pool opens, because they would have only one day to visit.  But we will see them sooner than we will ever get back to Italy. Still, we are looking forward to returning home.


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