A Room in Rome, Sat., May 21st, 2011







Cloister at the Church of San Lorenzo, which houses the Medici Chapel

Sleep was difficult because we left the windows open, since the repaired A/C was still not working well. Our windows face the square, and there are restaurants and music-makers there at night. Kept me awake. Today we walked to some of the “hot spots” in Florence: The Medici Crypt and the cloister next to it. I purchased some beautiful cotton yarn (first knit shop I saw) next to the church complex. Also saw another church and steeple, the Gates of Paradise and the Statue of David, all of which were magnificent works of art. (Photos Below)

The area where we walked had a beautiful church and tower. There was also a large bazaar with many people shopping, browsing, and sightseeing, especially at The Gates of Paradise, below.

To the left is the full door of The Gates of Paradise and to the right is one panel.

Waited almost one hour in line to see The Statue of David, because the number of people going in and out was planned to make sure the area wasn’t overloaded with tourists.  We were able to walk around David without craning to see the statue.  There were other sculptures there as well. We were not allowed to take pictures, so this is one from the Internet. (My husband showed me the photo he took in the 1950s when he first went to Rome. Then you could take pictures.)

Kal & Rhoda were on their own this day, so Jackie, Irv, Alan & I found a nice place for lunch where I had the best pasta with pesto I ever ate! Here is a photo of the front of the restaurant (inside) with food hanging above us.

On the way to or from the restaurant, we saw another living statue, this one of Leonardo DaVinci. Here is one of him alone and one with our friend Jackie. He was handing out some information.

We rested after our delicious lunch and then in the evening, all six of us went to a Chinese restaurant for a change. It was actually very good. For dessert, we went back to the Gelateria on the square across from our hotel and then to bed. A/C is working so I should have a good night’s rest!

Here is another picture of a beautiful pot of flowers in the cloister featured at the top.

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  1. Ellen sue: Thanks for the wonderful details of your trip. Jerry and I saw the statue of David also and it was thrilling. Did you know his stance was the same as a baseball player? Our guide had told us about this fact.


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