A Room in Rome: Friday, May 27th, 2011

The channel markers in the lagoon are like signposts on a road. The water taxi follows them all the way to the airport.

Breakfast is the same in our hotel: boring! After checking out, we walk with our luggage to the dock right near our hotel and take a water taxi to “sail” us to the Venice airport. It is very modern and even has gluten-free items in the restaurant area.  However, getting into the airport itself is exhausting, because it is a long walk uphill from the dock to the airport itself, so we hire a porter to take our luggage.

Now we are waiting for our plane, sitting quietly, reading, talking, while we listen for boarding directions. By noon, we realize something is wrong because there have been a couple of announcements about delays. Then we hear: Flight cancelled!  We go downstairs to see what’s up and discover that a bird flew into one of the engines, causing a “bird strike.” (People thought the workers were on strike.) After several hours of waiting inline, we are sent by bus to an ultra-modern hotel in the city of Padova (Padua). The airlines ran out of contractual hotels and vouchers, so we have to pay and be reimbursed by USAir. One Italian family refused to pay and insisted on a voucher. Police were called and not sure how the issue was resolved. Drama at the airport!

I took this photo at the Venice Airport on what I thought was our last day in Italy.

We are in the airport from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. During this time, Rhoda & Alan make reservations for the day after tomorrow since there tomorrow’s flight is already full. Rhoda rented an international cell phone back in the states, which was handy for this unexpected travel change.

Feeling like displaced persons, we drag our luggage to the hotel lobby and receive our room numbers. By the time we arrive, the day is gone and we are tired. But we look at this as an opportunity to see another place in Italy at USAir’s expense. The rooms are spacious and I ask that we be changed to one with a bathtub so I can soak my weary body at the end of a day of touring. Success!

However, the hotel is so modern, neither Alan nor I can figure out how to bring water into the tub for a bath, so we call downstairs and someone comes up to show us how to bend the knob forward a certain way so that the water will run into this tub with the drain in the center and water coming from the side of the tub. Very strange! Alan gave up a powerful shower head almost the whole vacation, so I could have a bathtub. The bathtubs usually come only with a hand held shower head, which is less powerful than one attached to the shower wall. What a guy!

As I am writing this, Alan is struggling with the super-modern sink handle, which has a narrow “stick” that has to be moved up and down or back and forth to use it. Whoever designed this bathroom must have had one thumb up his butt or was asleep at the drawing board! (I am sure it was a man, because no woman would make a bathroom this complicated!)

One of the very nice (and pretty) hotel staff members.

Dinner is a group affair, with all the “refugees” left from the airport eating together. The meal is very tasty: vegetarian lasagna with a creamy sauce. I also have buffalo mozzarella (my new love!) with eggplant and tiramisu for dessert. I try to stay awake while Rhoda & Alan attempt to change our new reservations to fly out tomorrow (Saturday) instead of Sunday, but no luck. I went to my room to sleep. A very long day.

Near our hotel is this large, spinning ball (below). You cannot see it, but it sits in water and spins with the water helping it stay in motion, I think! Quite interesting.

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  1. ellen sue: everything is an adventure – and your vacation sounds delightful.


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