A Room in Rome: Fri., May 20th, 2011

One of the many shops on the winding road as we (sadly)  leave the Amalfi Coast.

Our last day on the Amalfi Coast. We are headed to Florence (Firenzi) and Venice, our final destinations. The sun is up, the sea has a haze over, but it is calm. I hear Vespas in the distance and voices in Italian, but basically it is quiet—the perfect time of day before the world here starts to wake up. Church bells are ringing somewhere, close enough to hear, but far enough to be pleasing as background sound. Our trip so far has been lovely with a couple of bumps along the way, which is probably par for the course when six people travel together for the first time.

I took this photo from the car as we were leaving for Florence.

On the road at 8:30 a.m. with the van loaded again by Alan, the ultimate packer. We stop twice at the roadside Auto Grills: once for a snack around 11 a.m. and then again for a letter lunch. So far, we have stopped at three Auto Grills and the food has been great in every single one.

The photo below is my lunch at the Auto Grill on the way to Florence: Caprese salad, chickpeas & green beans & roasted potatoes, all cooked on premises.

After being a little lost in Florence, we finally find our hotel. The outside looks dumpy, but inside the rooms are lovely.  However, the AC isn’t working so we contact the front desk and there will be a repair person soon, I hope. Florence is also hot. After showering and changing, we look for a restaurant, of which there are many in our neighborhood. The food is good, but the service slow. In fact, we are ignored for about 20 minutes until we hear the manager bark at one of the waiters and he came to take our order.

This is a photo of the plaza from our hotel on the opposite side.

On the other side of the square from where our hotel is located there is a Gelateria, a cafeteria for gelato. I actually enjoy a gluten, sugar- and dairy-free gelato. But the last couple of days I have been indulging myself with desserts, cheese, etc. and feel stuffed, so I need to cut back a little without feeling deprived.

Back by 9 pm and opened our windows because the repairs are still not complete. We have had a long travel day and want a good night’s rest before we explore Florence. Rhoda & Kal are going elsewhere so it will be just the four of us. Irv tripped in the Gelateria, so I hope he is ok to go tomorrow. Two musicians are under the window of our hotel, singing and playing musical instruments—a Firenzi serenade!

In the large square in which our hotel is located are several buildings, but this church is one of the most beautiful of the buildings.

Note: I highly recommend the Holiday Hotel if you go to the Amalfi Coast. Here is the contact information. The manager is a most hospitable young woman named Marianna.

E-mail address: info@holidayamalficoast.it
Website: www.holidayamalficoast.it

P.S. I wrote a poem to Praiano where the Holiday Hotel is located. Here it is:

Holiday in Praiano

The southern coast of Italy is dotted with towns
Perched high on the mountainside.
To go anywhere, you take a bus or a car
But hold on for a winding ride!

The towns have names, like Amalfi, Capri & Positano
But one little town stands out from the rest,
The small town  we stayed in—Praiano.
A view of the Mediterranean Sea: the best!

Central to the Amalfi Coast is this hotel on the hills;
With a view of this glorious sea.
Big rooms, good food, no fuss or fancy frills.
I loved my holiday in Praiano, where you can just “Be!”

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  1. ellen sue:

    What a delightful vacation. We have to talk about it next time we see each other.


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