Afterthoughts on Las Vegas

The killings in Las Vegas hit close to home for me, since my son and daughter-in-law own a condo there. They live in Reno, but my son goes often to Vegas for business, often accompanied by his wife. When I heard about the one-man rampage, I immediately got in touch with my son, who told me he was in Reno. Sigh of relief amidst the sadness.

When tragedy hits close  to home, our reactions are stronger. In addition, we are planning to go to Las Vegas as part of my birthday celebration in December and I keep thinking, “There but for you go I.”

Is life merely a crap shoot? Do we have to live in fear every day, wondering if we are next? My reaction is the same as after 9/11. NO, we keep living, if only to show the world we cannot live in fear. But when the event strikes close to home, the fear is greater. I keep hearing the song in my mind by the BeeGees: Stayin’ Alive!

I remember someone asking me if I believe in the death penalty? I answered, “In theory, no. But, if it was my child or other family member who was injured or murdered, I might think differently.”

I believe that this incident is a kind of “home terrorism,” not one generated by a group that planned this from afar on the Internet, or maybe in the US with the perpetrators aligning themselves to a cause not aligned with democracy and freedom. Still scary!

I have no answers, but this latest incident so close to home has struck a chord in my heart and I pray that new gun laws reflect the need to remove automatic weapons from everyday consumers.

My thoughts are with the wounded and killed. Their families are suffering, as are all of us who are filled with empathy and compassion.


Note: Here is what I originally planned to post and now the quote seems even more pertinent! Thanks to my friend Jackie for sending it, except “break the rules” does not include hurting other sentient beings.


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  1. Col Says:

    So glad your son and wife were ok. Like your term “home terrorism.” Our homeland is under terrorist attack from without and within. But I think it goes far deeper and wider, given the proliferation of violence and weaponry in video games, televisions shows and films. We are constantly assaulted by these assault weapons. And I live a sheltered life, seeing practically none of it. On the other hand, my near neighbors have multiple guns, being hunters. Some hunt for sport, most to supplement their family’s food supply and for the camaraderie of fellow hunters. Weapons were once for hunting; now used for terrorism of all kinds. But we can’t rule out mental illness as possible causes of a deranged murderer. But where did he get the idea for killing indiscriminately anyway? It’s ironic to think that more people died unexpectedly at an country music event than in the horrendous hurricane that hit Puerto Rico!

  2. Paula Says:

    We need to contact our Congress reps.and
    Senators NOW to protest. Like the book about
    the Holocaust…I saw and did nothing. Then
    it was me, and no one was there for me.

  3. ellen sue spicer Says:

    Thanx for your honesty! ellensue

  4. ellen sue spicer Says:

    Yes,interestin that mankind can be more cruel than Mother Nature! es

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