A Poem for Mother’s Day with Azalea Photos

On the 40th anniversary of my Mother’s death some time ago, I wrote a poem that I never posted and plan to read at my Creative Writing Class next Wednesday, so I am posting it here on my website, as well. I am also interspersing my condo and neighborhood photos of azaleas because they are here for such a short time and too beautiful not to share. (One has late-blooming tulips. Also beautiful and short-lived.) Finally, I post my carnations, because they are the official flower for Mother’s Day. (See my P.S.)

Diamond Nanny Bea

Bea Knopf was our own Sophie Tucker, combined with Mae West;

A proud woman with lots of smarts—the best of the best.

She & Daddy had an interesting life—

He earned the money & she spent it, like a “good” wife!


For Nanny could not budget; money was like water

And she passed along that legacy to her oldest daughter.

Bea could count up quickly the columns of items she spent,

But she couldn’t exactly account for where it all went.

She dressed each daughter with clothes that were quite expensive,

But her own bargain basement wardrobe was not very extensive.

She loved having her hair washed & set in an up-swept style,

Her eyebrows plucked & red nails done, dozing all the while.

Ah, our Nanny loved us all to total distraction—

She kept herself busy; we were her main attraction.

She (& Daddy) taught the value of honesty, fairness, and truth

and put money under the pillow when we lost a tooth.

So long ago on East Brown Street and Avenue Thropp

The memories linger still, and they will never stop.

I was in Israel when she died with Daddy at her side

And when I came home, I cried & cried & cried.

Forty years is a long time ago, but wait!

We all know that Love has no expiration date.

So rest in peace, our wonderful Diamond Bea;

We’ll light the Yarzheit candle that means, “Remember me!”


P.S. Carnations are the main flower for Mother’s Day. They are actually my favorite flower and I have deep red  ones in my kitchen right now! Here’s a bit about them from the ‘Net.


White carnations are the most popular. According to Anna Jarvis, white carnations symbolize the virtues of motherhood, purity, faithfulness, love, charity and beauty. … Pink carnations carry the meaning of a mother’s love, light red carnations express admiration and dark red symbolizes great love and affection.May 9, 2018


3 Responses to “A Poem for Mother’s Day with Azalea Photos”

  1. Carol says:

    I don’t remember seeing this before. I just love it. She would be so proud of you writing this and everything else you do.

  2. Coll says:

    Quite lovely post. Heartfelt sentiment about your mother.
    The azaleas and carnations a really nice touch.
    Happy Mother’s Day, ES!

  3. Honey says:

    Yet another beautiful posting! I’m catching up
    On what I missed. 😍

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