A Poem for Grandparents on Their Day

NOTE: My classmate, Mary Lou Meyers, who recently lost her lovely husband Dave, has been sending me poems that I think are helping her cope with her loss. This one seems perfect for National Grandparents Day, which is Sunday, September 13th this year.  Just don’t forget to enjoy your grandchildren while taking Mary Lou’s tongue-in-cheek advice.

Prepare Until You’re Aware of Old Age

You don’t have to be told

when you’re old,

but why not practice preparedness.

During your Prime Time,
take the time
to feel the full impact
of fortifying backaches,
carrying all that extra weight,
bones and muscles don’t cooperate.
Your brain doesn’t send messages
that reach your feet.
Instead of Peace of Mind awareness,
walk blindly down the stairs
in the dim light.

Play up all your fears,
let them stay awhile to reinforce
those sudden stumbling tears.
Strain to hear the chaos  as it reaches near,
only mounting for those years ahead.
Expound on the mountains of debris
that infiltrate your psyche
instead of the valuable info
you should never have let go.
Carefully arrange your present life in files,
so you can return to it every once in awhile
so the status quo will follow you
no matter where you go.

Practice with crutches that fit you tight,
the brace of a walker to remain upright,
you’ll soon be encased in one don’t be afright.
Wear the tread to a nub instead
of waiting till the time is right.
Carry the night like a secret pocket
so you don’t fear entering its sphere.
Interface with an emergency button not a cell,
otherwise when you don’t find yourself well,
you’ll have to rely on a Tarzan bellow.

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