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URGENT ACTION NEEDED: THREE critically endangered orca whales are pregnant…but their babies are at HIGH risk of mortality before they are EVEN BORN.

Experts say that MOST whale pregnancies are unsuccessful due to miscarriage or lack of survival rates for newborn infants. 69% of pregnant Southern resident whales lose their babies before birth.

If we want a chance at recovering and repopulating this beloved species, we must do more to foster healthy and successful orca pregnancies. But Big Oil and shipping companies continue to increase ocean pollution so that they can maximize their profits — risking pregnant orcas and their babies. Take action now to stop big corporations from putting pregnant orca whales in danger!


Pregnant orca mamas have a long gestation period of roughly 18 months, at which they are HIGHLY sensitive. To remain pregnant, orca mothers must eat up to 300 pounds of fish DAILY. Newborn orcas must receive proper nutrients to remain healthy and grow quickly immediately after birth, so mama orcas must work even harder to provide 40% fat whale milk to their fragile infants to ensure their babies’ survival. 

But when corporate ships dump toxic waste into their habitats and create loud noise pollution, it can cause these orcas to become distressed, making it difficult for them to locate food — or lead their food sources like Chinook salmon to be driven away completely.

With only 73 Southern resident orcas remaining, successful pregnancies and healthy newborn orcas are absolutely critical to this pod’s recovery. Washington State has already implemented regulations requiring extra space and reduced speeds for ships near pregnant orcas, but we MUST implement federal safeguards to hold the shipping industry accountable for abiding by these rulesWill you add your name right now to demand protections for vulnerable pregnant orcas from corporate ship pollution and help these beloved whales have healthy, successful births?


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