A NEW YEAR: New Habits or Practices? January 2014

My iMAc dictionary defines resolution as: decree, promise, resolve and solution with synonyms such as decree, declaration, decision, motion, ruling. All of these meanings make me shy away from the term: New Year’s Resolutions. Instead I would like to substitute the words habit or practice. These are much more gentle to me, since they imply a gradual way of reaching one’s goals or intentions.

So, this year I am working on cultivating new habits/practices such as mini-meditations every day, yoga or QiGong at least once each week, and time in the gym as least 3 times per week. These are habits I have already been cultivating and when I miss a yoga class or a few days in the gym downstairs, I feel I have not given my body what it needs or deserves. But I don’t get bent all out of shape or feel I have broken my resolution. The attitude is different, less stressful, and more acceptable.

Speaking of less stress, I am not prepared today to list everything I have planned for January and I am not going to worry about it. I have been working on removing the “glitch” in the subscribers’ list, which I hope will be resolved by the time this posts.

I do know that I will post an article about a new-to-me local poet named Lynn Levin. Here is a photo of her first poetry book. I will post one poem (I almost said recipe!) from each of the three books I have read. I met Lynn last fall in Center City on a very cold day in the Fall where we sat at a veggie restaurant whose door kept opening & we sat freezing, but not wanting to stop. Her poems are very readable. When I asked her why she wrote poetry, this was her reply: “I write poems because I love the way poetry allows me to concentrate experience and mix it up with unexpected associations.” I look forward to sharing these unexpected associations!

P.S.  Sept. 1, 2014 UPDATE: Lynn now has a website: http://www.lynnlevinpoet.com/ Check it out!


January is usually a month where people feel blue, because the holidays are over and here in the Northeast section of the U.S., the trees are bare and the sky is gray.

So this is a great time to work on projects you have been neglecting. One of mine are photo albums. While I do make albums online, I still have a lot of old photos that are in hard copy that need pasting in albums, so I have not made a resolution about this, but rather a commitment to get started so by Spring the job is done!  I also bought a puzzle to take to my brother & sister-in-law’s when we visit in late January, because my brother & I loved to build puzzles as kids and since he has trouble getting around, I thought making a puzzle together would bring back fond memories. (I plan to post a puzzle poem by Lynn Levin, which sparked my decision to buy a puzzle in the first place.)

Winter is also a good time for soups, stews, and casseroles. I will be making some of these for my grandson Max, who is in his last 2 semesters at Temple Tyler. He thought my idea to make him some ready-to -eat dishes was a good one, so I hope to post some of them in Kitchen Nutrition. Here’s one you might like. It is called Kasha Varnishkes, an Easter European dish I loved as a child. I plan to add green veggies, of course! (this is a photo from the Internet. I will take one of my finished dish when it’s finished!)

January is Martin Luther King’s birthday, so I hope to have a posting that relates to his life and untimely death. He and Nelson Mandela are certainly two people whose lives we need to celebrate. MLK accomplished so much is such a short lifetime and Nelson Mandela accomplish much even after decades in prison. Both men of courage!

Hopefully your January will be bright and cheerful, despite the grayness of winter. Eat healthy and hearty foods that feed your body & your spirit, read poetry, build puzzles, think happy thoughts for the New Year.

And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been
Rainer Maria Rilke

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/7906.Rainer_Maria_Rilke

P.S.  While one of my next postings will be on Lynn Levin’s poetry, I also wanted to feature a poem by Caryl S. Avery this week because the title, The Gormand’s Lament is a funny rhyme about all the over-indulgences of the holiday season. (I first read it on Women’s Voices for Change.) However, Caryl is now posting it on her website, www.carylavery.com so please go there to read it.  (Go to “Verse” on the Home Page and click on the title in the Verse section) Here are the first few lines to whet you appetite, pun intended.

So much food,
So little time,
And I’m not getting younger.
So I chewed
Some food sublime
To satisfy my hunger:

sweet potato carrots vichy
crispy sweetbreads cervelles swishy….

Go to the website and laugh at this culinary rhyme!


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    Happy new year, ES. I look forward to another yesr enjoying and learning from your blog! Love, -sylvia

  2. ellen sue spicer Says:

    Thank you. And let’s talk soon! es

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