A Double Loss: Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds

I went to the library yesterday to checkout one of Carrie Fisher’s books. I saw or read Postcards from the Edge, read Wishful Drinking, and was able to find Shockaholic, the cover of which shows Fisher as a Princess Leia puppet. I like her witty and sometimes scathing writing and I hope to review the book soon.


Fisher played Princess Leia in Star Wars when she was only 19, about the same age as Debbie Reynolds, her mother, was when she starrred in Singing in the Rain, one of my very favorite movies. I grew up watching Debbie Reynolds sing and dance and loved her in all her movies. I also saw her in person about three years ago in L.A. at a tribute to Glenn Ford. She was still cute and perky and funny!


I mentioned to someone that losing a child, of any age, as Debbie Reynolds did two days ago, is one of the worst experiences I could ever imagine. Then Debbie Reynolds dies, perhaps from a broken heart, while planning her 60 year-old daughter’s funeral…. a shock I am still  processing. I mourn the death of both mother and daughter.


So many stars lost this year that the Academy Awards list of people in themovies no longer with us will be very long. May they rest in peace!

One thought on “A Double Loss: Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds

  1. I was one of many little girls who aspired to be a movie star
    like Debbie Reynolds. Ironically, I did not realize that Carrie Fisher
    was her daughter and that of Eddie!

    A sad passing of both. The world will never be the same as it was
    in the forties and fifties.


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