9/11 Reflexions

I came across a poem I wrote a week after 9/11 and thought I would post it. This is also my grandson’s birthday. He was born 10 years before 9/11 so this day is a mixture of sadness and gladness. This posting is the sadness and when I see him later today, I will have the gladness. Life is like that, no? Both glad and sad events happen to all of us. The sad days make us appreciate the glad days.

The President and First Lady in front of the White House @ 8:46 am today, when the first plane hit the first Tower at the World Trade Center. They observed a moment of silence. (See below my poem for additional information.) Source: msn on the web


The clouds look raked against the blue—
white wispy tufts, a milky hue.
One week ago it was this clear.
There was no need for wrenching fear.

Then men of terror filled the sky;
their goal so strong they learned to fly,
but not to land, no need to try,
since they would crash, so all would die.

Affecting you, affecting me,
until the bond became a “WE.”
A bond so strong that all could see…
that we have lost our innocence
and have to make our own defense.

But first to heal and make some sense
of how to mend this broken fence
of lives forever lost in flames,
never forgetting all the names,
or shifting hate to bitter blames,
which turn to one more act that maims.

Instead we need to look inside
at why this hate for US abides;
for we, too, have tricked and lied,
exporting hate and beaming pride.

Our world will never be at peace
until this blinding hate will cease.
When every act is love-released
or face extinction, ALL deceased.
So honor the victims with loving thoughts
amid your feelings still distraught.
Be clear who’s the enemy to be fought,
or more destruction will be wrought.

Thus, bring to justice all involved—
a closure to hate, the pain resolved.
And heal the world with love, not fears
or all in vain will be our tears.
For when this Life is said and done,
with total extinction, who has won?
And if there is no place to run,
the world is lost for every one.

P.S. A couple of years ago our friends, the Hanovers, and my husband and I went to Canada and swung back into PA. not too far from Shanksville, PA, where Flight 93 crashed on 9/11, headed for Washington, DC. The heroes on that plane are immortalized here. This is an excerpt (direct quote) from the same article that the photo above is taken. The memorial was not there when we went and now it is officially open.

Photo of the plane crash in Shanksville on 9/11.

The Flight 93 National Memorial near Shanksville in western Pennsylvania was marking the completion of its visitor center, which opened to the public Thursday. At the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Ash Carter and other officials were joining in remembrances for victims’ relatives and Pentagon employees.

One thought on “9/11 Reflexions

  1. Beautiful poem about a dark day — America’s second Day of Infamy. I am a Founding Sponsor of
    The World Trade Center, Museum, and Shanksville. One Day I need to visit the PA site.

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