9/11 Remembering & Revisited, a poem by Mary Lou Meyers


Growing up, December 7th, 1943 was always the tragedy that came up as the most horrendous attack on Americans. But 9/11 became the younger generation’s Pearl Harbor, and perhaps even more scary, because it was an attack on American soil in New York City, where millions live and work. I think 9/11 was the day we lost our innocence.

Sometime tomorrow, take a few minutes to honor this day with a moment of silence or acknowledgment in your own way. My grandson was born 10 years before on 9/11, so I always have mixed feelings about this day. Max’s birth was one of the most exciting days of my life and 9/11 has clouded that joyous day. I honor both!

P.S. My classmate, Mary Lou Meyers, sent this to me a few days ago so I added it to my earlier posting and am publishing it again with her poem.

9/11 revisited (2015)

Stop the Traffic!

It’s 9/11, don’t you know!

Don’t pass go

without hearing the voices

that perished in the Towering Inferno;

without seeing the bodies hurled in space

as though a chute would open in place;

without opening your mind

not only to those that undermine

but to those that find Peace of Mind

in the sublime note of love for Mankind!

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