My philosophy is that there are no coincidences. Everything has a reason, even if we are not aware of it. During the summer I clipped an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer about an artist named Jill Greenberg. The article was about her latest project — a soap mosaic/mandala, made from donated soap slivers.

I emailed Jill to see if she still wanted soap slivers and she said yes. Then I asked her if I could interview her for the Profiles category of my website. She went to my website and commented on my forthcoming article on mangoes and sent me her article about her soap project. In it was this quote about the mango, which Jill noted is a delightful myth that explains the mango’s shape, and included it in her article:

“The Monkey god Hanuman was hungry and looked up into the trees for fruit. He ate one which was a wonderful flavor, much better than all of the others. It was a mango. To make sure that all of his friends could find the same good fruit he went along and squeezed them all into this distinctive shape.”

Now, why did I wait all summer to email her and why did she have this information on mangoes just when I was working on this for my new posting? Coincidence? I think not. The Universe is watching, making sure that what looks like serendipity is actually a network of coinciding thoughts.

Whether you believe this coincidence or not, you will read more about Jill in a forthcoming profile. Anyone who can create a picture from soap slivers has got to be interesting!!! To learn more about Jill’s project while waiting for the profile, you can go to

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