4 Seasons in 4 Weeks, Part 3

As a review: Each woman has her own rhythm, “but the hormonal influences of each phase tend to have the general characteristics of the four seasons. The 4s4w system attempts to add meaning to these characteristics.” (P. 181)

4 Seasons in 4 Weeks is so comprehensive that I have broken it down into 4 parts, each posting being a season. The first two posting links are below:

https://www.menupause.info/archives/16595-Part 1-Fall: The author compares Week 1, Fall to the birthing phase of reproduction, because this is the time the uterus is shedding its contents if you are not pregnant.

https://www.menupause.info/archives/16684– Part 2- Winter: The author compared this to the courting phase because our hormones are helping us attract a mate during this week.

The focus in Part 3 of 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks by Suzanne Mathis McQueen is Spring, which is likened to week three, the procreation phase of a woman’s cycle: Ovulation. (Suzanne points out that tracking your cycle is important to understand your own individual rhythm, so you might ovulate a little before or a little after the actual fertile day.)

The symbolism of this week is your projects or efforts have come to fruition and others seems to be interested, so release your inhibitions and go for it. The moon phase is a FULL MOON and your moon and feminine cycle are at midpoint. Your body’s immune system is great, energy is very high, and you are both confident and vulnerable. The archetypes for this week are: Goddess, Wise Woman, World Leader.

Here are some quotes from this section that highlight this week:

“As the Full Moon is receptive to the full light of the Sun, you are receptive to the full light of sexual energy from your partner,or the hope of a potential partner.” (p. 173) Just as the full moon is peaking, so is your body, quite ripe for pregnancy, so a good time to try for this or take protection around this time if pregnancy is not desired. (For me, as a post menopausal woman, I think this time is a great one for “birthing ideas.”

In this section, the author writes about how the characteristics of Spring, the Moon, and the Feminine Cycle relate. Here are some direct quotes:

“Spring is a very exciting time….We like to be outside. We feel alive outside…….Our hormones push us to become the extroverted versions ourselves during this week….also the time when we open up windows for fresh air and clean our drawers and closets…So much of the feminine cycle seems to be about cleaning out the old to prepare for the new….it is the time we decide to Spring clean our conscious minds and allow ourselves to bring subconscious behaviors to the surface…Ovulation is sacred. It allows us to experience the purity of Nature” (pp. 182-183).

This section is chock-full of information that is new and exciting as well as familiar and inviting. I love the way Suzanne explains each season and its relationship to our female cycle. For example, at the bottom of this section, she notes the sensuality of Spring and we are invited to inhale the rich aroma of all the beautiful flowers, plants and trees. And she writes: “Fertile soil reminds us that the Earth’s body, as well as our own, us ripe for planting.” What a connection!

The point of our cyles, according to the author’s intuitive wisdom, is to get in touch with our own purity, the gifts you came into this life with and the talents you have developed along the way. She recommends that we aligns these things for our own optimal life experience–this is vital!

Spring is “the Full Moon in all its glory.”  I suggest you bask in this full moon and enjoy your authentic self!

Suzanne’s book is available on Amazon and also directly from the author. It is published by Tobacco Road Press, Ashland, Oregon and costs $24.95. To order your copy, go to Suzanne’s website: http://4s4w.com.

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