37 Vibrations: Happiness in a Bottle

Several weeks ago I read an interesting posting by writer/artist Linda Perkins in the online newsletter called Women’s Voices for Change (www.womensvoicesforchange.org) (They have posted several of my articles.)

Called 37 Vibrations, Linda’s idea sprung from her coconut water bottles that said “Happiness in a Bottle.” (Below is a photo of Bottle #2, decorated by Linda.) This is a perfect posting for Valentine’s Day, but I thought it was too good to wait.

I was intrigued with her idea for several reasons:

First, I was born in 1937, so there was that connections. Second, I learned from Linda’s website: www.37vibrations.com, that in music, the difference between a happy note and a sad note is 37 vibrations per second. I never knew that! Thirdly, the idea of putting happiness in a bottle and handing it to different people who would appreciate the story and also pass it on, was too intriguing not to follow up the story. What a great way to spread happiness.

Here is an excerpt from Linda’s website:

I asked around and the stories started rolling in, everyone telling me about a time when they fell in love. Some stories were funny, other took great risks. There were grand romantic gestures, big secrets, magical moments. Some were sad or heartbreaking or even tragic. The common thread that I witnessed over and over again was the incredible bravery it takes to fall in love. Even when our hearts get broken, somehow we survive and learn something valuable about ourselves along the way.

I sent Linda a sketch of my finding love the second time around (also on www.wvfc.com) and then she called me to get my story from “the horse’s mouth.”  My story will also go in a numbered bottle, anonymously, and then be passed onto another person, and another person, etc., spreading happiness with each exchange. (Every since I saw the movie, Message in a Bottle, I have been fascinated with the idea of messages in bottles.)

Here is a photo of my handing my bottle to my friend Joanie, who will read the article and pass it along. (I am on the Left, Joanie is on the Right. This is from Joanie’s iPhone & I was unable to make it larger, but I think the article is self-explanatory.)

If you would like to share your story with Linda, please go to her website (www.37vibrations.com) and follow directions for doing so. This is a great way to spread LVE around the globe.  es

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