Note: This list is excerpted from a paper someone gave me without an author. I quoted the first and last sentence or sometimes the middle sentence(s) of each tip. The photos are mine. If you know the author(s), please email at menupause.info@gmail.com so I can give the person or group proper credit.

  1. Do what you love. Health and healing will follow……If you love what you do, you are much more likely to be healthy and happy.
  2. Find which foods work best for you and eat them most of the time…..The lower on the food chain that you eat and the fewer animal products in your diet, the best chance you have for keeping a healthy heart and body.
  3. Find an exercise program you enjoy and do it regularly….. Consider it an insurance policy for staying healthy.
  4. Take a high-quality multivitamin and mineral for life.….Consider nutritional supplements as another insurance policy for a longer and healthier life.
  5. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good…Create a protective shield around yourself to screen out inappropriate criticism and negativity.
  6. Take care of unfinished business (ex. anger, resentment, fears, worries, etc.) that keep you happy and healthy…do it as soon as possible so you can move on with your life.
  7. Heal your relationship with your parents…..No matter what hurts or insults or conflicts we may have had with our parents, we need ultimately, even if they are no longer alive, to heal those rifts and to forgive in order to complete those lessons.
  8. Make fun and relaxation a priority on your daily schedule….Make the best of every situation. (“When life serves you lemons, make lemonade.”)This is me at Rutgers Univ. Gardens sitting in a replica of the Laugh-In chair
    having fun!
  9. Learn to love yourself. Really. The more you recognize yourself as a lovable, deserving, talented human being, the more health and happiness will flow into your life.
  10. Find your inner peace and hold onto it. Whenever you have a decision to make in your life, ask which solution will bring the greatest peace of mind and decide accordingly.
  11. Connect with your Source— God, Divine Spirit, Higher Self, Inner Guidance, Universal Love doesn’t matter what you call it. ….Tap into that highest source of knowledge, inspiration, intuition, love, and guidance.
  12. Treat the earth well. We can’t live without her! Use the least toxic materials possible in all aspects of your life for your own sake as well as that of Mother Nature. Recycle, garden organically, live lightly on the earth, and be conscious of your effect on the environment…..Live according to the laws of nature.  (Perfect for Earth Day Every Day es)
  13. Do the best you can and trust others to do the same. We’re all here to learn our own unique lessons…We are here to work on ourselves.
  14. Stay light. Don’t take yourself and your life too seriously…Keep your life in perspective and remember what’s really important: loving staying connected with your Source, and serving.
  15. Ask for help when you need it. We’re all here to help one another. It makes our hearts feel warm when we know we’ve made someone feel better.
  16. Create a refuge for yourself…..Create a sanctuary inside of yourself, regardless of what disturbances might be happening on the outside.
  17. Take care of your body. It’s the only one you’ve got for now….Give your body plenty of rest, lots of fresh air, and pamper it when it needs it.
  18. Enjoy sex as loving communion. Sex is a sacred opportunity to connect intimately with your partner… a means to connect with the Source of Divine Energy, which is the spark of our creativity on all levels.
  19. Embrace nature as your healer. Walk barefoot in the grass…Invite the unlimited healing power of nature into your life so that you can be invigorated, realized, and rejuvenated.
  20. Live each moment to the fullest. Be completely present…. Your experience of life will be infinitely richer and you’ll be there to appreciate it.
  21. Cultivate and treasure silence, regularly, every day…It is best to be silent for at least 15 minutes every day, preferably alone.
  22. Patience is not just a virtue; it’s a necessity!…. Impatience creates nervousness, interpersonal conflicts, and can make you sick and miserable.
  23. Know what makes you tick. Do what makes your heart sing…Live on purpose, in integrity, and in alignment with what gives you joy and delight.                                     Seeing giraffes makes my heart sing!
  24. Take responsibility for your own life. No one else will….Take charge of your life. Make it more wonderful than you ever thought possible. Share your happiness, positivity, and enthusiasm with others. It’s contagious!
  25. Make loving and being of service your highest priority…Adversity creates the perfect opportunity to help one another.

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  1. Really good tips to follow. I recognize the pic in #19. Irv & I are at the bench. Irv is taking your picture and if you look closely you can see Alan (through Irv’s arms).

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