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Positive Note about Plastic Pollution

Monday, October 19th, 2020


The link below was sent to me by Pauline Rosenberg, who is my “mentor” in the area of cleaning up the environment. She sent me this link about a solar powered “boat” that cleans up plastic. Here is a photo from the link to the brief but wonderful news about plastic pollution.

Thanx, Pauline


Encouraging News!

A Dutch inventor is cleaning the world’s most polluted rivers in an effort to save the oceans. Boyan Slat has made it his mission to remove plastic from the oceans. His organization, The Ocean Cleanup, has successfully started to clean the pollution that has been circling in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Read in CNN:

Shared from Apple News

This is proof that ONE person can make a difference!

In One Breath by Mary Lou Meyers

Saturday, October 17th, 2020

Here is a poem from my classmate Mary Lou Meyers that seems to echo my feelings about how the pandemic IS a disease of the Earth! And deep breathing can help calm us down! Thanx Mary Lou.

Her note to me in the email:
I think about what to write, but this came so naturally 
as if to pander made no sense
so many of us are doing that,
but just to say what was in my heart:


In One Breath 

What will I write, I think
as I lay me down to sleep,
the day’s doing complete, but
briefed by the happenings on TV,
and the disease of the Earth
no Divining Rod will tell us how deeply;
when my down light quilt
gives me a nudge
over the threshold of the open window
so I no longer despair
of leaving the Earth
in the starry-eyed atmosphere
where Truth has no blinders,
only reminders,
and wings to eradicate all Human Failures
as long as we peel off our mercenary appetites
which despoil Nature, and we work together
in harmony to create a more pristine Universe
I said in one breath of pure unadulterated air.

{We have strayed so far from Nature’s bounty and way,
we have forgotten the way back
which would make us strong.
Compulsion to do this or that will imprison us,
and make us fold under.
How do we maximize Nature’s hold over us,
and minimize the toll we take.
The plants and animals will come back even
under attack,
are we appalled by their sheer numbers,
remember how they accept us
when we leave them to their own devices? }