2020 Vision: A New Year’s Rhyme

I am not comfortable with the word “resolution,” so I penned this rhyme using other words as well as resolution, such as vision, intention, and goals. Choose what works for you and ……….



The invention of intention invites 
my New Year’s contention.

Our resolve simply dissolves
as each January day evolves.

By month’s end we amend
what we started to defend.

Resolutions are not solutions, 
Unless you start with your whole heart

And love your inner child,
whether sad or even wild,

With your goal each and every day
to own what you do and say.

Just be honest and be clear
each day of this New Year!

Wishing you 2020 vision
with every sparkling bright decision!





4 thoughts on “2020 Vision: A New Year’s Rhyme

  1. Clever post & verse! I call them New Year’s Revolutions!
    Especially if they are life-changing or improving!
    Have a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

  2. Ellensue ~

    Great poem!

    I copied this poem and submitted it to Anne Marie Russo, Editor of the AADC Magazine, to be added to our ’59 Class Notes column, which was due on 12/31/19 – and she wrote back that it will be included!

    (Hope this is OK with you…)


  3. Loved your poem.
    And I love who you BE!
    You are lways looking to share and grow and be responsible.
    Thank you for setting an example for all of us.

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