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An Airy Dalliance by Mary Lou Meyers

Saturday, October 29th, 2016





Chaste flutterings of wings, a butterfly,
defies the elements to dance
in the last shaft of autumn light, unreasoned
sustaining the beauty of the season.
While other butterflies turn to groundwork,
patches of hoary grass abounding,
your wings floating
on a flower’s last stand,
such sweet nectar exploding
for you are free of both what was
and what soon will be;
for you defy all the elements
to account for this,
a pure moment of bliss.


Note: My classmate Mary Lou reminded me of the butterflies in fall. I always think of the leaves! Thanx, Mary Lou


Thursday, October 27th, 2016


I initiated my blog-turned-website in March 2004, only one month after Facebook started. At the time I did not really think social media was crucial to my website, but my webmaster provided a link to both Facebook and then Twitter. My postings were sent automatically, or so I thought.

Thanks to my writing friend Joyce Eisenberg, I learned that there was nothing from my Menupause site going to Facebook (and probably Twitter). Either it was never set up or the plug-Ins disappeared.  So my web guru, Shayne and I, worked on this over the phone and I am waiting for him to add the icons for Facebook and Twitter.

I have been keeping my head in the sand, thinking I was on Facebook and Twitter, and also noticing the number of hits going down, so now I think I know why. I will send another update when the icons are in place and my friend Krista gives me a tutorial on social media so I know what I am doing.

Here is the picture for my  new Meupause page. (I still have a personal Facebook page under EllenSue Spicer-Jacobson). I wrote an essay called “Cooking Off the Cuff; Baking the Buff,” which I think I posted with this photo, but need to check the archives to see if I actually did. If not, I will post it, or maybe repost it for new readers.