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Nutritional Nugget

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

NOTE: Before going to California to visit our children, I pre-posted some articles, petitions, etc. Regular posting will resume after we return on August 1st.  Responses to your comments, which I appreciate, will be answered when we return the first week in August. Thanx, ellensue




For every three adult Americans, one is obese, one is overweight, and one is lean.

Knowing about excess calories may help us be more aware of what we eat and how

difficult losing weight can be (especially after menopause es).


Losing and keeping weight off can be difficult, but avoiding common misconceptions

(ex. finding a sensible eating plan you can stick to es), can help with the battle of the


Source: Nutrition Action Health Letter 4/20/16, Bonnie Liebman


P.S. Personal Note: I do not eat after 7 pm and then not again until 8 am the next day. I have been practicing this for only one month and already have lost about 3 or 4 pounds.  My goal is to lose the 8-.10 pounds I gained during menopause. On my 5′ 1 1/2″ frame that 8-10 pounds equal one to two dress/pant sizes. This was a tip from my friend Hope with something to do about the liver needing that time to de-toxify.  ellensue

Petition from Friends of the Earth

Monday, July 25th, 2016

NOTE: My friend Honey keeps me “busy as a bee” with important news and petition. Here is one on the bees and my friend’s name really IS Honey!


Stop the mega-merger of Bayer and Monsanto!

Bayer the Bee-Slayer and Monsanto the butterfly-killer are trying to merge into one huge mega-corporation that controls even more of our food system.

There’s still time to stop it, but we need to act fast. Bayer depends on us to buy its medicine every time we get sick. And Bayer’s shareholders know we simply wouldn’t trust the company once it’s joined with Monsanto — its shares have already fallen a massive 12% since the takeover was announced.

All of this is making Bayer’s shareholders nervous. If we pile on the pressure now, the shares could fall even further and mobilize investors to demand Bayer pulls out of the deal!

Sign the petition: Stop the mega-merger of Bayer and Monsanto!

MY NOTE: Go to: (The link did not copy) and look for Friends of the Earth/bees. You will see a link that says: Bee Action campaign-Friendsof the Earth.

If this merger goes through, it would be disastrous for pollinators, people and the planet. We could have even MORE crops soaked in dangerous pesticides like bee-killing neonics or glyphosate — key drivers of bee and monarch decline.

What’s more, the new corporation would be the biggest seed-maker and pesticide company in the world — giving it almost total control over our food supply.

If this merger goes through, there is also the possibility Dow and Dupont and ChemChina and Syngenta could merge. If these six companies consolidated into three, they would control 75% of the global market.

We have to stop the merger now!

Don’t let the Bee-Slayer and the Butterfly-Killer join forces to take over our food system: Sign the petition now!

The good news is, we’re gaining traction in the fight against these toxic pesticides. The EPA is planning to review many of the most widely-used neonics this year. Maryland’s governor recently decided to allow the Pollinator Protection Act into law — and cities across the country are developing laws of their own.

Meanwhile, the FDA announced it will start testing for glyphosate in our food — which will shine a light on how much this dangerous pesticide is getting into our food supply and endangering our health. And thousands of people like you are demanding that the EPA step up and get glyphosate out of our food system for good!

If this merger goes through, both Monsanto and Bayer will have even more power and money to block our efforts. The new corporation could put even more pressure on our government to delay regulatory action on toxic chemicals that are harming bees, butterflies, our health and our environment.

So we need to turn the pressure all the way up NOW and stop the merger from going through!

Stop the mega-merger of Bayer and Monsanto NOW!

Standing with you,
Tiffany Finck-Haynes,
Food futures campaigner,
Friends of the Earth
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