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June Is National Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

A few days ago, my daughter Basha sent me a photo of the two cats that she and my daughter-in-law Maura adopted from a shelter when they lived in New York. Then today, while waiting in a doctor’s office, I learned that this month is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Coincidence? I think not.

So I am posting the photo my daughter sent me to show you that these cats live the good  life! The tabby on the left is Pica and the cat on the right is Bunny. The dappled sunlight makes the photo especially delightful. If we were allowed pets, I would go to a shelter for a cat of my very own.   Thanx to my daughter for the photo. Perfect timing!

Maine Memories: Part Two-The Heritage Schooner

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

A few days ago I posted Maine Memories: Part One and told about my early history of falling in love with Maine. Part Two is about our recent trip earlier in June on the Heritage Schooner. Even though I kept a brief journal, I decided another rhyme was in order with photos that give you an idea of the trip.

This is a smaller version the photo from my Home Page, photographed by Fred LeBlanc

The Heritage schooner is quite a ship,
nearly 100 feet long from tip to tip.
Designed by co-captain Doug Lee,
she’s been sailing Penobscot Bay since ‘83.

Co-Captain Doug Lee


We climbed aboard one eve in early June:
the sky was clear with stars & moon.
Our gear was stashed on shelves & hooks
and I was ready with lots of books.


The first day out was chilly and gray,
but June is like that, so the captains say.
We wore our layers, as instructed
And that first day we were Mainely inducted.

This is me, all layered up!

No need for make-up or fancy ‘dos,
just knee sox & warm-ups & rubber soled shoes.
Meals were expertly cooked by Sean & staff—
Served with the captains’ stories to make us laugh.

Sean, the head “chef,” is in the middle


The second full day was warm, sunny & bright;
we climbed aboard the dinghy to an island in our sight.
The cooks made a BBQ with every trimming,
but still too cold to venture swimming.

Our co-captain Linda Lee kept everything in tow,
Until back to the ship in the dinghy we’d go.
The last full day was cold and the water rough.
Standing on deck, despite warm clothes, was pretty tough.

That’s Linda in the “pusher” boat with a small engine that got us in and out of where we docked for the night.


I stayed inside when the ship was tilting—
stomach queasy, I felt like a flower wilting!
We mastered the challenge and enjoyed the ride;
we were in God’s country, spaces far and wide.

So if you’re hankering to wander by ship, no terrain
Climb aboard The Heritage Schooner in marvelous Maine.


P.S. For more information on how you, too, can have a Maine adventure, go to the Heritage website. Captains Linda and Doug will be celebrating 50 years of taking folks sailing on their schooners. Contact them through their website: or by phone at: (800) 648-4544