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National Hispanic Heritage Month: Sept 15th – Oct. 15th

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

A small blurb in my AARP Bulletin reminded me that we are in thimble of National Hispanic Heritage Month.  Tolerant more about the people, histories, culture and contributions, go to their site:

There is a recipe for Mexican tamales, information stars who are hispanic, like Raquel Welch, Santana, Julio Iglesia, etc. And of course, our Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor (first photo in upper left hand corner below.

Photo from the website


My Bananas Article in Natural Awakenings Blog: Update

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015


Natural Awakenings, a national FREE publication that is also filled with local happenings, has posted my article on bananas. Here is the link:

My classmate, Lois, emailed me that this link does not work, so I am posting  my original article I sent them:

B is for BANANAS b y Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson

Bananas are a great food because they come in their own sealed package and their ripeness can be determined by the little brown dots that appear on their yellow skins. They are a great addition to your kids’ lunchboxes or your own take-to-work lunches. The letters spell: B for bountiful; A for appetizing, N for nutritious, A for alkalinity(a positive trait), N for non-allergic, and A for appeals to all ages.

Here are some banana ideas beyond using them in breakfast cereal followed by three recipes:

  1. Mix with fall fruits—apples, pears, grapes—for a naturally sweet fruit salad
  2. Puree in blender and add to pancakes and baked goods for a naturally sweet flavor and thickening agent.
  3. Blend with fruit and fruit juices, milk or yogurt for banana smoothies.
  4. Roll in maple syrup and granola and freeze as bananas-on-a-stick.
  5. Puree with water or juice to a thin consistency for banana “milk.”
    (Note: Whenever possible, use organic fruits.)

Banana Smoothie: Blend one cup unsweetened apple juice with one ripe (peeled) banana and one tablespoon protein powder or unsweetened cocoa powder. Optional: Add a dash of vanilla and teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

Triple Fruit Pudding: Wash and dice one crispy apple and one ripe pear. Add one ripe, sliced banana. Stir in plain (Greek) yogurt to desired consistency. Add vanilla or almond extract and some unsweetened, dried coconut on top.

Bananas-on-a-Stick: Roll three ripe, but still firm bananas in a small amount of maple syrup, then granola and unsweetened, dried coconut. Insert popsicle sticks and freeze on a cookie sheet, Serve slightly thawed.

Note: This is from Ellen Sue’s cookbook, Fresh Whole Foods from A to Z, available on her website under My Books or directly from her via her email below.

Ellen Sue is a nutrition educator, personal cooking coach/class instructor, and natural foods cook. Her nine-year old website,, has recipes, book reviews, interviews, etc. focusing on women’s health and the environment. Her motto, “The Good Taste of Health,” will be used in her cooking classes at Steve’s Sew and Vac in King of Prussia in early November. For dates and times of the classes, email her at:

Here is how it looks in their blog, but I could not enlarge it enough to view.  Thanx for the heads up, Lois!!