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Spring, Please! March 2015

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

The cold this winter has led me to cocoon in my warm apartment and wait for spring. I don’t mind the cold if the sun’s out and the wind’s absent. But when it is cold, gray and windy, my choice is to stay inside unless I need to food shop or do errands. But Daylight Savings Time starts March 8th, so we will begin to see longer days. Hallelujah!

Ornamental Kale, which seems to stay “in bloom” all winter and reminds me to explain the difference between this kale & kale many now eat.

I admit it! I will use any excuse to write more about the importance of green foods in your diet. And what better month to do this than March, the beginning of spring and also St. Patrick’s Day! So get your green on and let’s explore the world of greens. Speaking of which, there is a new food in the market, a hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts, called either Kalettes or Sprouted Kale. I plan to explore this new nifty green in this month’s postings, in addition to regular kale and ornamental kale, pictured above.

Kalettes or also called Sprouted Kale

Actually, I queried a well-know vegan cookbook author, Nava Atlas, and she sent me two of her cookbooks, one of which is perfect for March. Its title is Wild About Greens and I am learning new ways to prepare and enjoy leafy greens, an important category in any diet, vegan or otherwise.



In addition to Daylight Savings Time, St. Paddy’s Day, and Spring, there is also International Women’s Day, which falls on the same day as Daylight Savings Time. I will be co-chairing an event for women entrepreneurs in my area, while at the same time celebrating micro-entrepreneurship among women developing countries. This is the logo for International Women’s Day. I hope to have some photos and other information after the event.

Note: It is also Women’s History Month, as well, which dovetails nicely with IWD.  I hope to review the book about Barack Obama’s mother, A Singular Woman, because her life fits into both IWD and Women’s History Month.

One of the most serious yet festive holidays in March is Purim, when children (and adults) dress up in costume, like Halloween, and send baskets of food to the needy.

The most telltale symbol of this holiday are the hamentaschen, or three-cornered desserts that are baked and eaten on this holiday. I think I have the recipe in my archives, so I will dig it out and post it. And Palm Sunday is in March, with Easter Sunday coming in early April, so lots of celebrating is in store.




Finally, Spring is when Mother Nature wakes up from her long sleep and everything begins to “sprout”: flowers, trees, plants, early greens in the garden, so I thought March would be a good time to do my annual “promotion” of sprouting at home. Here is a photo of my sprouted lentil salad, an easy dish with the easiest of all seeds & beans: lentils. They also happen to be nutritious. So watch for this recipe this month.  Also, March is National Nutrition Month, but since I celebrate it every month, I will just mention it as a reminder that Health is Wealth.

But most of all, let’s celebrate Spring. We deserve Spring after the cold, cold winter. I’m just ignoring California, because my kids always report warm & balmy
weather in winter. Humbug!

Blue Ribbon Spring Flower Pot at Last Year’s Flower Show.

P.S. This month mark’s my 9th anniversary with Menopause. However, I have not received many comments this month, so I am wondering if my website has had its day & it is time to do something different. Your feedback important!

Keep Love in the Air

Friday, February 27th, 2015

I noted in the beginning the month (It’s over already??) that perhaps we can carry Valentine’s Day sentiments about love into the rest of the year. And these sentiments include love between lovers, love between friends, love between family members, love between co-workers, and even love between  strangers, which may occuroccasionally if we are lucky.

So here are two quotes from the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Cryptoquote page and two love poems I wrote when I first met my husband in 2003 and married in 2004. Since we met right before Valentine’s Day, this holiday has taken on a special meaning for me.

Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.
— Antoine de Saint Exupery  (Phila.Inquirer 2/9/15)

Aug. 9, 2003

My Love, he is so handsome;
For him, I’d pay a ransom.
I’d keep him dressed in precious jewels
And help him break love’s silly rules.

My Love, he is so kind
A gentle, precious find.
For him I’d tilt windmills
And dance on wide windowsills.

His love is such a miracle;
No question is too empirical.
His touch fills me with splendor
Men can be a gentle gender.

His Yang matches my Yin
Oh, it’s a love stew I’m in.
So delicious from appetizer to dessert,
My heart is on perpetual alert.

My Love, he is so handsome;
For him, I’d gladly pay a ransom
And keep him my prisoner ev’ry day
Ah, yes, sometimes Love, like crime, does pay!


Alan & I under the chuppah (wedding canopy) on our wedding day in Oct. 2004


Late Love*
By ellen sue for alan

So late in Life to fall in love
Is nothing short of scared.
But day & nite he’s on my mind:
So much already shared.

His tender touch & kind, kind words
Have speared my heart for good,
Cherished by this Philly Jake
As on hope’s end I stood.

So late in Life to mine this gem
Is nothing short of daring.
But nite & day he’s in my heart….
The two of us are sharing

Something special & divine
The holy moment’s here.
I’m drunk on lovers’ heady wine
Hip, hip, hooray, I cheer!

I won’t give up or stay away
From Life’s affirming stance.
Step out of Darkness into Light
They’re playing our song—let’s dance!

*From a book of the same title by Eileen Simpson- I included this poem because Menopause & I wanted to share that you’re never too old to fall in love.

Poetry spills from the cracks of a broken heart, but flows from one that is loved.
— Christopher Paul Rubero (2/11/15 Phl. Inq.)