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Eve Ensler’s One Billion & Rising

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Here is an email I received last week. Eve Ensler’s V-Day on Feb. 14th is another way to celebrate/honor this day. At the very end is a link that will allow you to download a “Tool Kit.”

Dear Risers…A Letter From Eve

Dear Risers,

We are two weeks away. Many of us have worked for months to prepare for our risings for justice. Some have just found out and signed up and some have created a rising in their school, center, place of worship, their block, in their office, factory, home or bedroom. Some are planning with coalitions, others with local groups, some with their best friends. Some are organizing to rise in squares, courthouses, mines, military bases, college campuses, fields. Some in their bodies, hearts and minds. Some are dancing on stages, others in parks, in squares, in prisons, in auditoriums. Some are working to bring out thousands, others just their close circle. Some are engaging men and new activists. Some are gathering the courage to join any group at all, or release their story, or dance in public or in the streets which would, could mean risking their lives. Some are rising to release their wounds, others are rising to articulate them.

Every rising is part of a collective energetic decision to end the violence on this planet that has traumatized women and girls’ bodies and robbed us of the full capacity of our life force and value. Every rising is a dance of connection to end racial, environmental, economic, and gender injustice.

There is no way to fail.

What matters is that we rise, that we name the injustice, that we commit with our bodies and our communities that this rising on the 14th, like all the days that lead up to it and all the days that follow it, is our life.

Each rising for justice is part of the river of justice, the current of a new paradigm, an unstoppable wave, joining us through the strength and encouragement of our global solidarity.

May this wave lift us and unite us. May it take us and surprise us.

May it move us into love.


RISE Online: 1 Billion Likes For 1 Billion Women & Thunderclap!

Leading up to and including 14 February RISE with us online through these two simple actions:

  • JOIN THE THUNDERCLAP FOR JUSTICE! Sign up so that on 14 February the message will resound across Twitter! It’s easy, just visit this page

Learn more about tips for RISING, and access downloads and resources in our One Billion Rising

The White Puzzle by Lynn Levin

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

MY NOTES: I am working on this posting Tuesday, January 21st, and outside everything is white, so this poem & title are perfect for today. Also, like Lynn notes, my (older) brother & I used to sit for hours at an old card table in the bedroom I shared with my older sister and build puzzles, piece by piece and at the end, separate the remaining pieces and build in a race to see who could finish the puzzle more quickly. This poem reminded me of that time and triggered my gift of a puzzle to my brother when we visited over the week-end of Martin Luther King’s birthday. We worked almost all day Saturday on the puzzle & it became a kind of meditation and escape at the same time. Puzzles are wonderful distractions!
P.S. My sister-in-law told me her friend builds puzzles on the Internet. Not sure I would like this, since I like to feel the pieces being interlocked.

The day I worked on this all was white outside my window, like the puzzle!


To love jigsaw puzzles, you have to love trouble –

the mad messing of a picture, the slow steps back to art.

Years ago, my brother and I spent hours

breaking up then piecing back

The Skating Pond by Currier & Ives,

Remington’s The Old Stage-Coach of the Plains

the cardboard pixels colonizing

the game table in the family room.

There was satisfaction in the fitting together

the doing of the definite task

then some days of admiration

of the solved thing before the sundering.

Once someone gave us a white puzzle,

a real head-breaker, the blank pieces

many and small like the counties of a state.

This was fitting for the sake of fitting.

No art in it that we could see, but we stuck to it,

and after a while the pieces began to clump together

like new snow on the lawn.

I remember the way our small talk

scribbled itself over the gathering page:

something about a math bee and Old Man Sprague

who kept sheep in his backyard and had a gun.

We nibbled popcorn, made Montana take shape

with its three sides and human profile,

the pieces knit like bone.

When the white puzzle was complete

we loved the way it lay like moonlight on the floor

then sat before our conquered space,

two Alexanders wanting more.

“The White Puzzle” is from Lynn Levin’s collection Fair Creatures of an Hour

P.S.  Sept. 1, 2014 UPDATE: Lynn now has a website: Check it out!