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Making Earth Day, Every Day a Good Habit

Monday, April 30th, 2012

As my postings for Earth Day, Every Day comes to a close I am thinking about all the actions I can take and feel overwhelmed. I still have at least 6 more organizations doing “green deeds” and hope to continue posting them as part of an ongoing Earth Day mentality all year round.

I am actually posting this in mid-April, because my husband and I will be traveling to L.A.  and my three children in Vegas & Central & Northern California. Flying is not very ecological and I realize that I cannot be 100% “green” every hour of every day. But what this month has taught me is to be more aware of what I can do and start to add one new green action every week or every month, depending on the degree of involvement the activity requires.

For example, I recently purchased toilet paper that is made from post-consumer paper. I have hesitated to do this before because I am not sure what that means exactly. Is is safe to use on my body. Further investigation will be needed. If I find anything out I will post it on my site.

Another example is the spray I use to remove stains. I did call the 800 number and found that the product is biodegradable, but not sure what the ingredients are, so that will require further investigation.  All this takes time, and I feel anxious about all the companies that are putting toxins in our food, clothing, carpets, air, etc. I am amazed that we are all still breathing!!

My wish is that you take some of the ideas or messages that I have posted this month and consider which ones you can do easily and soon and which ones will take a little more effort. For example, if you take a copy of the Dirty Dozen, Clean 15 foods from the Environmental Working Group  when you shop, you can start to buy one or two “Clean” foods, allowing a little extra in your food budget, or removing an item that is not absolutely needed for your health, such as chips. I think that’s a small sacrifice for a healthier body & healthier planet.

So my message on this last day of April is not to be overwhelmed by the 30 ideas or postings, but rather to tackle each one as you can, working them into your consciousness and your timeline and your budget as you see fit.

Please feel free to send in your comments to share what you have been doing to promote Earth Day, Every Day. Thanx ♥


Note: I see that I skipped April 7th, which this was supposed to be, so I am tagging it onto April 3oth below my final message, because it seems to fit here.

These 10 thoughts are from Body & Soul Magazine (2006). I have copied them exactly as in the magazine.

This is #20 on my Earth Day, Every Day list.

1. Living in tune with nature is an invitation to live creatively.

2. Extend the life cycle of your stuff. Find a new use for something old.

3. Nourish your soul; eat the freshest, most natural foods you can find.

4. Resolve to use less.

5. The earth is alive—it breathes, grows, evolves.

6. Enjoy an unplugged activity every day.

7. Think of nature as a destination in itself, not something to just drive through.

8. Your home is part of the environment.

9. Opt for quality over quantity. Value is revealed over the long term.

10 Change doesn’t happen with a single action but with a series of small gestures.

Helen Nearing, Role Model for Natural Lifestyle

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

In the late 1970s I co-owned a health food store in C. PA. As part of my efforts, I wrote the Family Nutrition Newsletter. In one issue, I interviewed Helen Nearing, who was visiting family about one hour north of where I lived. I took my assistant with me, a recent college graduate, and she and I were both taken by Helen.  She was a well-published author and her & Scott’s natural lifestyle was one of the triggers to  the back-to-the-land movement in the late 1970s.

I read several of her books, such as Living the Good Life and Leaving the Good Life and found her words inspiring and with a strong ring of truth.  I suggest you go to the library and read some of her books for inspiration to live more simply.

I have chosen Helen as my posting for #13 in Earth Day, Every Day because she and her husband had great respect for Mother Earth.


One of the Nearings’ excellent books.


Below is the NY Times posting at the time of  Helen Nearing’s death.

Published: September 19, 1995, New York Times

Helen K. Nearing, who with her husband, Scott Nearing, wrote about leaving the congested streets of Manhattan to find peace and happiness through hard work and self-sufficiency on a New England farm, died on Sunday in an automobile accident near her home in Harborside, Me. She was 91.

Mrs. Nearing, whose husband died at 100 in 1983, had continued to live alone in the farmhouse they built 40 years ago overlooking Penobscot Bay. She was killed when a car she was driving struck a tree, said Eliot Coleman, a friend who lives on a neighboring farm.

Between them, Mrs. Nearing and her husband wrote more than 50 books during their half-century of homesteading, including “Living the Good Life” and “Continuing the Good Life,” written initially in pamphlet form and then published by Schocken in 1954 and 1970, respectively.

Although written shortly after the Depression, both books became primers for thousands of urbanites who dropped out of the corporate world in the early 1970’s and headed for the quiet countryside.

P.S. A couple of years ago, I posted Rachel Carson’s profile, noting her books, and her life dedicated to saving the environment especially Silent Spring. If you go to the Search box and type in Rachel Carson, you will find theposting.