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FABULOUS FALL: Sept./Oct. 2011

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

First touch of fall– A tree across from our condo that is just beginning to turn.

With Hurricane Irene ushering in some cooler weather, one thing we can be sure of: Mother Nature never disappoints in surprising us! Hopefully, you were prepared, or even over-prepared, as we were in our neighborhood, and your daily life is back on course.

While I have not posted this past week, I have been busy preparing to post. By combining September & October, as I did with July & August, I feel there is more “space” for me to post in a continuous stream of eight weeks, instead of cramming everything into four weeks.

Fall ushers in Back to School, and even if you don’t have a small child entering nursery or elementary school for the first time, you might have someone you know going back to school, so the two health-oriented  children’s books I will review by Victoria Boutenko are for the small set in your life: grandchild, niece or nephew, etc. Or if you are a teacher of a small children, you might order this for your class library.  These two books are a great way to send a message filled with good food ideas.

Of course, the biggest event for September is the tenth anniversary of 9/11. There will be countless ways to honor this sad day. When I Googled this idea, I found an interesting website: You are asked to send in what charitable act you will do to honor the 9/11 victims. The Try will be filled with stories and of course, the reading of all the names, as has been done in the past. On a personal note, my grandson was born on 9/11/01, so while I will be honoring those who perished, I will also be celebrating my grandson’s birthday. Very poignant!

Keeping that solemn day in our minds may make the rest of the month seem pallid, but those who lost loved ones will still be getting up, having breakfast, sending their kids to school and living their extraordinary lives. This is a good day to focus on Peace. The American Friends Service Committee has a One Minute for Peace campaign with a message to President Obama. Go to www.OneMinuteforPeace for more information.

On the heels of this solemn day in our history, I want to shift to a young student         who is a perfect example of doing a good deed as part of her job. One of the lifeguards at our condo pool, Michelle, is studying to be a teacher of the blind, a promise she made to her sister when she, Michelle, was only five years old! Here is a photo of Michelle when she volunteered at the Philadelphia School for the blind. I think her Profile is heartwarming.


Concerning Kitchen Nutrition, I plan to have some end of summer recipes you might want to try.  One is a dish I made with wild rice and brown rice, using a special package of Lundberg Rice that I really like. I will feature that with the recipe: Wild About Rice Salad. It can be served hot or even better, chilled when there are still some warm days ahead reminiscent of Indian Summer.

Here is my Wild About Rice Salad garnished with fresh basil from my patio garden.

Part of my summer reading involved going through my past issues of Nutrition Action Magazine, which is filled with tidbits of information I find useful. I also gathered information from other magazines I read at the doctor’s office, at the pool, in the bathtub, wherever I can sneak in a few minutes of quick reading. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, I plan to focus on some of the health tips on that delicate subject. I receive email from I reviewed the book with the same title by and find the emails thought-provoking and interesting.


To see my earlier review, click on this link:



My other main source of breast cancer information is BCA: Breast Cancer Action, because they go after the “big guys” who manufacture products that can contain carcinogens. Actually, their current campaign is their Think Before You Pink Campaign Kit. Here is that website: Here is a photo of their kit.

I also want to do an update on celiac disease, since it has been in the news lately. There is actually a local author, Genevieve Sherrow, a certified nutritionist,  who wrote a nice cookbook with gluten-free foods. It is called Gluten Free Warrior & I plan to post the review in October.

On a poetic note, the other day, very early, my husband and I were driving to Center City and I saw a group of birds & then a deer, right near the highway. I penned this poem:

Early Morning

And then the starlings descended
Darling little birds with grey-flecked wings
Flying in rings around the grassy mound
Without a sound from their pointed beaks

Suddenly the face of a deer, still as glass,
standing stone still in the grass.

Beauty everywhere.
Look if you dare
Mother Nature in all her glory
and that’s my early morning story!

For now, that is about all I have to post, except for my blog:, which will be moved to Menupause so I can have all my postings under one umbrella, or maybe I should say, all in one pot! I have several companion articles under this blog and you can still access the articles by going to the link above or waiting until my web guru moves it over. I will let you know.

Change is in the Air

Friday, August 26th, 2011

During the summer, since our return from Italy, I decided to work on my essays, journals, etc. that I have never put on my computer. This takes a strong time commitment.  I also want to make some changes to Menupause, incorporating my blog, Nobody Eats Like Me into Menupause. I want to reorganize my writing time to include some freelancing for money, something I did many years ago before email. Before the Internet, all articles had to be photocopied and snail mailed with an SASE. A  real pain in the butt. Now, with email, the process is simpler and cheaper.

Therefore, I am taking the next week off from blogging so I can devote my thinking time to these changes. My next posting on Sept. 1st will be for September/October, since one of my changes is to do what I did this summer, combine July & August for a continuous flow of summer postings. Sept. & Oct. will be all about fall happenings and Nov. & Dec. about winter holidays.

During this week, I have a request.  If there is something you would like to see on Menupause or something you no longer want to read about, please let me know. Your feedback is important! For example, some people have asked me why I don’t accept advertising to absorb some of the costs for keeping Menupause going. I receive more than 70,000 hits per month, which is not a small number, so advertisers have approached me.

While the costs to publish Menupause are very low, I have considered ads to defray these costs, since I work only part time. But then this would not be my special space, because I would have to answer to advertisers. Now I can post when I want, say what I want, and make decisions without financial input from advertisers. I alter my personal budget so that I can have this freedom, and hope to sell some articles to defray some of the costs without sacrificing this freedom.

In the meantime, here is a rhyme I penned this week while pondering all these decisions and posting in Health Flashes yesterday for my last article for the July-August Menupause.

This tree in our parking lot is a perfect example of all the changes this tree underwent last fall. Some of the leaves are still green while others have turned and on some limbs, there are no leaves.


Changes are in the air
I can feel them everywhere:

The air is cooler, the sun, lower in the sky;
the leaves will be blazing in the by & by.

School is starting in ev’ry state;
notebooks & pens, no sleeping in late.

Change is also on my mind:
gathering my words, I need to find

More time for exercise & reflection,
different in kind, but not intention.

I ponder Life’s meaning,
as leaves lose their greening.

Ah, Change — unpredictable as the weather
Sometimes heavy, sometimes, light as a feather.

Live from day to day through work & play.
Carve out my Life, let my heart obey!


P.S. If you want to read some of my other articles, go to There are several essays as well as sample daily menus. Next month this will be incorporated into Menupause, but in the meantime, you can browse through the articles I posted (See right hand column for Table of Contents) to play “catch up.”