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Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Over the pre-Valentine’s Day week-end, my husband and I stayed with our friends the Baclawskis. Darlene had decorated her unusual Christmas tree into a unique Valentine tree, and it was too lovely not to share.


Monday, February 12th, 2007

In August of 2006 I posted my friend Barb Jarmoska’s cross country bikeride in Profiles. (Feel free to go into the August archives to reread the article by hitting previous entries and scrolling down to the article about Barb. The entire month’s entries are all there, but not on one page.) Then, just a few days ago, I attended Barb’s slide presentation of that trip to raise awareness of breast cancer. It was inspirational, educational, and motivational. There were two cooks on the cross-country tour, one for the first half of the trip and one for the second half. I asked about tours (as a cook) and she said to look “tours for women” on the Internet. If you are interested either in taking a tour with women or working on a tour, feel free to browse the various websites.