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Peak 2 Pique

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

I began to dabble in vegetarianism about the same time as the Vietnam War. During that time there was a slogan: “Give Peas a Chance.” As a new vegetarian, I thought that was a clever way to use Peas, as a metaphor for Peace.

Since December is the month in which we hear another slogan: “Peace on Earth, Good Will to All,” I thought I would feature Peas in recipes as an reprise of the “Give Peas a Chance” slogan, since we are once again at war, this time in Iraq.

Gandhi is given credit for the expression: “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.” Peace needs a chance to express itself and featuring “peas” in my blog will be my culinary tribute to the importance of peace.

Since I have yet to make any recipes with peas, you will have to wait until the next blog to see if I can really pull this one off. Maybe I will call the main article The “Peasful” Palate.

In the meantime, I will shop for English peas, snow peas, and snap peas to see what I can create in the kitchen for the December blog. If not, the blog will be a surprise to you and me!


Sunday, November 12th, 2006

A couple of months ago I profiled Barb Jarmoska, owner of Freshlife Foods ( and wrote about her cross country bicycle trip to raise awareness about breast cancer. (Click on Profiles and scroll down to last profile on Barb.) She introduced me to an organization (Breast Cancer Action) that examines environmental causes of breast cancer and warns people to think before donating to companies with pink ribbon campaigns. (

In a FreshMail feature article, Barb explains that she chose BCA because it has been given the highest rating possible for fiscal responsibility by Charity Navigator and because they sponsor a campaign warning consumers to beware of pink ribbons. (There was a recent TV news blurb about how companies are raking in millions of dollars on their pink ribbon campaign, giving only a fraction of their profits to cancer organizations.)

Then Barb sent me a link to an article in Time Magazine (October 16th issue) in which she was interviewed about her bike trip and BCA. If you want to read Barb’s interview with Time, you can download it here.