Today is the first day of Spring.

March 20th, 2006

Today is the first day of Spring. Last Spring, I attended my first Philadelphia Flower Show, and the photo today is from that show. How will you celebrate Spring? Why not try a meatless day, because today is also The Great American Meat Out, which brings me to my “green” recipes for St. Pat’s Day, posted on March 17th. Because I do not eat meat, my recipes will not have any items that are meat-related in them. However, this does not mean you are supposed to become a vegetarian. It’s hard enough maneuvering through midlife without giving up meat, if you enjoy it. More importantly, I think we should be looking at foods that are whole, lightly processed, and organic whenever possible. (A piece on organics in the future.)

Also, with Spring, just as we may do a spring cleaning of our homes and change over our clothes closets, you may want to consider a body cleanse, either by eating raw foods one or two days, trying a one day fast with water, or a day of juicing. (Check with your doctor.) You may also want to consider colonic irrigation, which many people shy away from because it sounds so gross. But I have been experiencing good results with colonic irrigation. It is very high tech and clean. Enough about that. You need to experience it yourself….or not!

Finally, I hope to have a poem with every posting, once I get this whole package together. If you look at the heading of my blog title, you will see there are five areas I eventually want to include in EACH posting: recipes, renewal, “reflexions,” resources and remedies. I hope to get to this point by the summer. Today I include a poem, which falls under “reflexions.”
It was fun to compose the poem and I hope you enjoy reading it, and that it puts you in a light, springy mood.

Menopausal Musings
Early-English Style

The rare words in this rhyme come from POPLOLLIES & BELLIBONES: A Celebration of Lost Words by Susan Kelz Sperling, published in 1977 by Penguin Books, and found at a book fair by my son-in-law. The definitions for the defunct or rare words (in CAP the first time used) are to the right of this little word exercise.

Menopausal Musings, Early-English Style
By Ellen Sue

Ah, my CHAIR DAYS are here, there is no cure. (Indicates evening of life)
I rant and I rage as I CHANTEPLEURE. (To sing & weep at same time)

Oh, for a BOONFELLOW to hold me tight (warm companion)
And banish the MUBBLE FUBBLES day and night. (melancholy)

Once I was a BELLIBONE, a bonny lass. (lovely maiden)
No PRICKMEDAINTY could match my sass. (a dandy)

I received TUZZY MUZZIES by the score (nosegays)
And LIP-CLAPS and TIPSY-CAKES at my cottage door. (kisses) & (cakes saturated with wine or liquor)

Ah, my chair days are here, I don’t need a cure
Just a MERRY-GO-SORROW so I can chantepleure. (Tale evoking mixed feelings of joy and sorrow.)

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