Yay! Menopause!!!

Midlife, including menopause and beyond, is a wonderful opportunity to examine yourself at the third quarter of your life, celebrating all the changes instead of worrying about them. If you see change as a positive “power surge” (name my daughter Basha gave to my hot flashes), then you can use this time to reinvent yourself and regroup for the next phase of your life. After all, aren’t the first 50 years only a warm-up for the zest/rest of your life?

As a nutrition educator and natural foods cook, one main focus of this blog will be on The Good Taste of Health, the title I coined for my cooking classes. (My company name is Hands on Nutrition.) Each posting —every week or every two weeks— I plan to feature a tasty recipe of my own or one from a book I review, nutritional information and natural remedies supportive of midlife, resources for you to investigate (websites, books, workshops), renewal articles, “reflexions,” humor, and anything else I can glean from my overflowing file drawers and bookshelves of information on women at midlife. In the future, I hope to schedule small workshops with women who would like to host one in her home. At first, they will be in my immediate area of Philadelphia, and then later, further out into other cities and states. More on this in a future posting.

Finally, the word “menu” has taken on new meanings since the advent of the Internet. A menu need not be only about food. (Likewise, a recipe can be a formula for living.) Therefore, while food and recipes may have been my original focus of this blog, as I thought about it, I realized that a recipe for life can includes all aspects of living and a menu can be an assortment of offerings from many different areas of that life.

Hopefully, this blog will make a positive difference to you as your navigate the sometimes muddy waters of midlife, learning on the way how to live fully, joyfully, and deliberately so that you will be able to look back and say Yay! Menopause!!!

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  1. The best book I can suggest on menopause is Dr. Christiana Northrup’s book, The Wisdom of Menopause, which she chose not to write until she was going through menopause herself. Deals with both medical and alternative concepts. Excellent book!

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