100th International Women’s Day & 5th Menupause Anniversaries

While preparing for my International Women’s Day Luncheon on Tuesday, I Googled for more information and came to a website called www.womenforwomen.org, which is an organization that sends me periodic newsletters. It is actually called Women for Women International.

I urge you to go to the website and see the video from last year’s celebration. I just watched it and cried when I heard one woman’s story of the murder of her husband, her three children, and the baby in her womb. Actually, this year is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day and if you want to join other women on bridges around the world, you can go to this site and get more information. It is called “Join Me on the Bridge” and next year I hope to do that on a bridge near here with some friends in New Jersey & New York.

P.S. This is also Women’s History Month and the hearing about the brutal history of many of these women is sometimes hard to listen to, but necessary to understand their passion for peace.


I woke up this morning and realized that I started Menupause in March 2006, so this is the 5th anniversary of my site. When I went into the archives for 2006, I also found that my first posting was actually on International Women’s Day, March 8th. I think I did that on purpose, but not really sure. And since this is Women’s History Month, I think that starting my website in March was certainly appropriate, whether accidentally or on purpose.

The fact that International Women’s Day & Menupause’s first posting are on the same day makes me feel linked to women everywhere! (See information below about the Women to Women online store. This is copied & pasted directly from the site.)

What if your next purchase saved a woman’s l

Women for Women International makes shopping a rewarding experience. We work with partners who employ women, and others who give a percentage of their sales to help fund our programs. To see how this works, go to the website and click on SHOP to GIVE NOW. There are several choices, such as an organic bouquet and global handicrafts. If you are a store or business owner, and are interested in buying products handcrafted by women in our program, please contact Laura Kaplan at lkaplan@womenforwomen.org.


Here is a photo that can be found on the store link of Women to Women International.

Here is  sample of handcrafted jewelry from the Women to Women store and the caption below it:

Buy Handcrafted Items

Through your wholesale purchase you’re directly helping women in our program to rebuild their lives, their family and their community. With a wholesale minimum purchase of 50 units, we connect women artisans with retailers to provide the women with a sustainable income.


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