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Go Fund Me Update

Saturday, November 17th, 2018

I am post-dating this update on Nov. 15th, because tomorrow we plan to fly to Las Vegas and onto California, weather permitting.  As of today, Nov. 15th, Go Fund Me contributors have donated $805 of our $1,000 goal.

I spoke with Leah, daughter of Rina, whose book about her life in a Russian detention camp during WWII, is the second book WordWorks wishes to help the author self-publish. I gave mother and daughter the good news with the hope that donations will still come from Go Fund Me to reach our goal.

I also just learned that the person whose poetry book we just helped self-publish has a memoir about his father that involves the Holocaust, so we may have found a niche that will attract other Holocaust refugees.

Again, here is a repeat of the posting about Go Fund Me that will remain until I return home, except for one other posting about plastics and pollution.  But first, to all of you have donated, a heartfelt thanks.

This Thanksgiving I am especially grateful for all the support through Go Fund Me.


Stories of Holocaust Resilience

ABOVE is Cherie Goren’s cover from her out-of-print book, A Time to Keep.

Here is the link to GO FUND ME

UPDATE: 11/09/18 (80thanniversary of Kristallnacht)

UPDATE: Leah Goren, Cherie’s granddaughter, was in the NY Times with her story and herillustrations based on Cherie’s escape from Lithuania. Here is the link:

Original Letter:

We are raising $1,000 to cover the costs of self-publishing the incredible stories of two remarkable but unknown  women who fled the Holocaust.*

Cherie’s father had the foresight and funds to leave Lithuania* right before Hitler took it back, thus saving his family from the ovens. One hard copy survives of the memoir Cherie typed 20 years ago. (Cherie is now 93.)

My friend Rina spent part of the war in a Russian detention camp with her mother, a midwife. Rina was sent to Israel by Kindertransport and eventually migrated to the United States. She started her story and it deserves to be shared widely.

With my writing colleague, Krista Nelson, who handles book design and photo retouching, I plan to publish these two tales of hope and resilience. The costs of editing, developing, formatting, and self-publishing both titles should run approximately $1,000 total. This summer I republished Flight to Freedom: A Tale from Tarpiluvka** on Amazon’s author platform and am confident in our ability to bring these stories to readers quickly and professionally.

So, if you think that positive stories, rather than horror stories, about immigrants who came to America to flee the Nazis is a worthwhile project, we welcome any amount you are able to contribute.

In October, my website,, received 843 unique visitors. If each of you, my readers, contributed a dollar or two, we could get this project off the ground immediately.

Thank you for your ongoing support of my writing. Comments welcome. ……….. ellen sue

Here is the link to GO FUND ME:


New Travel Service from Writing Friend

Monday, October 8th, 2018


Joyce Eisenberg, who started the Play Pen writing group here in Lower Merion, just outside of Philadelphia when her children were small, has added a new dimension to her list of activities. I am happy to share her latest venture with her son Ben, now all grown up! See Joyce’s description below.

Joyce helped me with my re-publication of my book, Flight to Freedom: A Tale from Tarpiluvka, now available on Amazon. She also contributed several pictures of laundry for my book, For the Love of Clotheslines, which will be back on Amazon soon.  This is one way I can thank her for her help.


Ben’s Travel Service: Planning Trips Beyond Your Wildest Imagination! 


Dear Friends,
If you know me, you know that I love to travel. When I’m not traveling, I’m reading about where to go next! I also love to share my discoveries. For years I was a writer and editor for Fodor’s Travel Guides.
So I’m thrilled to announce that I have joined my son, Ben Eisenberg, at Ben’s Travel Service. In reality, we’ve always been travel partners. When Ben was 2, Ted and I took him to Hawaii; when I was 53, Ben took me to Kunming, China, to meet the family he had lived with during college. We share a passion for travel and adventure.
When you’re thinking about where to go next, please think of us. We can help you plan an all-inclusive family vacation, a trip for a small group of friends, or a romantic anniversary getaway. We can find a cruise that suits your style or a reasonably priced business class ticket for last-minute travel.
We can research the best tour for you, but if – like me – you prefer to travel independently, we can help you do the same in a way that’s safe and comfortable. We can customize any trip to suit your interests and your budget.
The BENefits of BTS
Why use Ben’s Travel Service? We know that you can do it yourself; you’ve likely booked flights and hotels and cruises online for years. But we can save you time, hassle and money with our extensive worldwide travel experience, our network of global contacts, and our ability to sort through the online travel maze. We will help you find the best routes, the cheapest flights, and hotels with the amenities you want.

In addition, we can provide information about:

  • Immunizations
  • Visa requirements
  • Experienced local guides
  • Authentic cultural experiences
  • Culinary walks and cooking classes
  • Off the radar beaches and up and coming destinations
  • Off-the-beaten-path activities
  • Special interest museums
  • Heritage travel. We’ll help you connect with your ancestors in the places you grew up.

Please check out the reviews and read our booking policy here.

I’m available to chat by phone or email if you want to brainstorm about travel possibilities. I look forward to helping you plan the next trip of your dreams.

Best wishes,
Joyce Eisenberg
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