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Go Fund Me Letter, Updated from This Morning

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

My daughter-in-law Maura has helped me tremendously with Go Fund Me. Here is the edited letter I wrote that she”sculpted” succinctly!:

Stories of Holocaust Resilience

This is Cherie Goren’s cover of her now out-of-print book, A Time to Keep, about her life in Lithuania before fleeing the Nazis. (I was able to get a copy of the cover later this morning.)

Here is the link to GO FUND ME:

We are raising $1,000 to cover the costs of self-publishing the incredible stories of two remarkable but unknown  women who fled the Holocaust.

Cherie’s father had the foresight and funds to leave Lithuania* right before Hitler took it back, thus saving his family from the ovens.(Cherie is now 92.) One hard copy survives of the memoir Cherie typed 20 years ago.

Sidebar: Cherie’s nephew, Freddie, recently produced a Vimeo about his family that provides background for Cherie’s family’s safety after leaving Memel, Lithuania, as well as information about Memel and WWII that is worth watching. Here is the link:

My friend Rina spent part of the war in a Russian detention camp with her mother, a midwife. Rina was sent to Israel by Kindertransport and eventually migrated to the United States. She started her story and it deserves to be shared widely.

With my writing colleague, Krista Nelson, who handles book design and photo retouching, I plan to publish these two tales of hope and resilience. The costs of editing, developing, formatting, and self-publishing both titles should run approximately $1,000. This summer I republished **Flight to Freedom: A Tale from Tarpiluvka on Amazon’s author platform and am confident in our ability to bring these stories to readers quickly and professionally.

So, if you think that positive stories, rather than horror stories, about immigrants who came to America to flee the Nazis is a worthwhile project, we welcome any amount you are able to contribute. I am calling this project WordWorks.

In October, my website,, received 702 unique visitors. If each of you, my readers, contributed a dollar or two, we could get this project off the ground immediately.

Thank you for your ongoing support of my writing. Comments welcome.

ellen sue

Here is the link to GO FUND ME:

*The November issue of Smithsonian Magazine has devoted almost the entire magazine to the Holocaust and two diaries recently found, one from Lithuania. If you Google the Smithsonian magazine, you will find several links. The cover’s title is “The New Anne Frank,” and the story of the young Lithuanian poet, Matilda Olkin is entitled: “Finding Her Voice.”

I don’t believe in coincidences. This issue of the Smithsonian inspires me to move forward with Cherie’s Holocaust refugee story of Lithuania and Rina’s refugee story from Russia during WWII.


**Note: This is the front  cover photo of my family from my book, Flight to Freedom: A Tale from Tarpiluvka, available on Amazon. (Back cover is in the Go Fund Me letter.) It tells, in historical fiction form, about the survival of my mother’s family because my great-great-grandmother sent her two sons from a shtetl in Russia to the village of Tarpiluvka in then Austria-Hungary to save them from conscription in the Russian Army at ages 9 and 12. They were adopted by a Jewish family in which the wife could not have children and thought the boys’ arrival was a miracle. My grandmother is second from right and these are six of her 12 siblings who migrated to America and made a new life here. My goal is to help others with resilience tell their stories.

To Err is Human: My New Book

Monday, November 6th, 2017

Many years ago my cookbook, The Whole Foods Experience, named before I knew about Whole Foods Markets, which opened around the same time I wrote the book, was published by Ross Books. It is now on Amazon, but at the time I wrote it, there was no Amazon or Create Space.

When my copy came in the mail, I was thrilled until I looked at the title on the cover, which read, The Whole Foods Experence, without the “i.” How could this happen? I called the publisher and pointed out the problem. He was appalled! He immediately ordered new labels to go over the book label  on all the books he had printed at that time, although the inside title pages remained misspelled. This was before Print on Demand, or POD, so he had a couple hundred of books in print. The new cover was actually more attractive with a shiny gold label, so it wasn’t all bad.

A friend called and I told her what happened. She asked if I was devastated.  I thought about her question for a moment, and then I thought about how I was then a volunteer for The Hunger Project and gave a talk every week or so on the fact that 35,000 people a day were dying of hunger, needlessly. My reply to her was: “Well, with 35,000 people a day dying of hunger, a missing “i” does not seem so terrible.”

Fast forward to Create Space and my latest book. (This is the Kindle cover, almost identical to the hard copy, but without the top border.)

I learned that my friend Pat, who had created a poem for me for my new book, had some lines mixed in from a poem she found when researching clotheslines online, not realizing her error. (Thanx to Anne Lawrence, who wrote my Foreword, and sent me a copy of Marilyn Walker’s poem.) Pat was working non-stop on the picture on p. 34 and the poem on p. 35, so I have to chalk it up to ignorance or exhaustion, because Pat is a poet in her own right. Since I was unfamiliar with Walker’s own poem on clotheslines at the time Pat was writing her poem, I did not realize that some of Walker’s lines were mixed up with Pat’s poem. (I plan contact Walker.)

Pat and I have corrected the error and are in the process of putting the correct poem in my  manuscript, with Anne’s helpful input as well. But this means that the book is temporarily on hold at Create Space and Kindle. If you have already purchased and received the book, please email me ASAP at, so I can send you the new poem (below) that you can download and put into your p. 35, trimming it from the bottom and sides. Or you can send me your snail mail address and I will send you a printed version via USPS.

I am sorry for this inconvenience and hope it will not deter you from buying the corrected book in the future as gifts or for yourself. It should be available again as a soft cover book or on Kindle, hopefully by the end of the week. This is my first experience with Create Space and the learning curve is steep! I will post an update as to its availability the day I am “back in the book business.”

With apologies, ellensue

P.S. Remember, the second half of To err is human is: To forgive is divine!


Clothesline Memories by Pat Ferraro
(with Ellen Sue)

 Clotheslines have lots of stories to tell.
What’s hanging there describes them well.

The lines displayed a baby’s birth, new towels, and the rest.
Clothes were pinned always with care, especially Sunday’s best.

The lines hung empty when folks went away,
but soon filled with clothes the next wash day.

Momma hung her laundry with a sense of pride,
for if anything looked dirty, there was no place to hide.

I miss the friendly backyard chats, for as everybody knows,
gossip is the very best while hanging up your clothes.

The automatic dryer as a second choice is fine,
in winter or on rainy days, when you cannot use the line.

Be kind to the environment; hang your laundry when you can, please.
Weather permitting, nature will dry them with sunshine and a breeze.