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Spring Poem from Mary Lou Meyers (delayed posting)

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018
NOTE: I had planned to post this last month (National Poetry Month) when we had that spring cold snap and had it lined up, but forgot to put a posting date on it. It may be late, but it is still good reading!
This poem from my classmate Mary Lou seems to mirror the late spring we are having. This photo is one from my recent walk to capture some “pioneer” flowers. (Here’s the link to the poem I call, Pioneers of Spring, posted a few days ago:
This brave crocus plant, surrounded without spring grass, seems to reflect Mary Lou’s sentiments in her poem….
Forestalled but Recalled
There has been no Spring thus far according to schedule;
the management of the year gone awry,
tempted to become both singular and off the charts
in its in-betweens and its Winter gleanings, its whitenings,
without a brightening that unlatches the first awakening;
that dispatches a fulcrum of cyclical
spinnings of Sunshine intervening,
the length and breadth till it’s almost obsessed
with the stalemate of its intensity
with bowers of flowers erupting,
some stationed until Summer inundates,
brandishing its scorching sword, corrupting
at which time blindness sets in for anything once green.

Ode to Olive Oil: A Poem by Barbara Crooker

Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Here is another poem for National Poetry Month by Barbara Crooker from her book MORE. I posted a poem in February from this lovely book. Here is the link:, and I have permission to post another poem. I picked this one because my blog/website is mostly about food and health, so “Ode to Olive Oil” seems like a perfect choice!




From hard green drupes

of bitter flesh, a river

of gold and green— From

trees bent like old women

whose leaves flash

olive drab to silver

in the hot breeze,

a bowlful of summer—


The transmutation:

flesh of the tree to liquid amber—

Picked by hand, collected in nets,

the willow baskets fill with fruit,

spill into wooden boxes,

are crushed between wheels

of stone, pits and all.


You can marry it with aceto balsamico

to dress your salad, gilding emerald

and ruby leaves— You can ladle

it on white beans and sage, drizzle

it on sun-warm tomatoes, lace it

in minestrone, bathe garlic heads

for roasting. You can make it

into soap, rub it with mint leaves

for migraine. Take a spoonful

to prevent hangover. Mash

it with rosemary and all the pain

is gone from creaky knees.


Velvet on the tongue. The light

of late afternoons. I am eating

sunshine, spread on bread;

primroses open in my mouth.

My chin gleams yellow,

the opposite of a halo,

but one surely even the saints

would recognize and bless.


ALl of Barbara’s wonderful poetry books are available on Amazon  and possibly in local book stores or directly from Barbara:

MORE is published by C&R Press in Chattanooga, TN (2010) and costs $14.95. Their website is:

P.S. I love the abstract cover, especially the vibrant colors. The artist is Marilyn Banner: