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Summer Book Project: Clotheslines

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

Black on Orange: I took this photo on the island of Burano, near Venice, where laundry lines were everywhere, even on the streets next to stores!

In 2011 my husband and I, with two other couples, went to Italy. It was the first time for everyone but my husband, who became our “tour guide.” While everyone else took pictures of historical places and structures, I became intrigued with clotheslines and the garments hanging from balconies as well as lines at eye level or high up. They reminded me of my younger days when life was simpler.

My brother Harry took this photo on his trip to Cuba.I call it “Sunnyside Laundry.”

In 2013, after an article I wrote about clotheslines appeared in Women’s Voices for Change and reprinted in The Philadelphia Inquirer, I had a call from Kathleen Artleth, a small gallery owner in Somers Pt., NJ, about one hour from here. (See her Irish Laundry photo below.) She had read the article in the Inquirer and wanted to do an exhibit of my photos of Italian clotheslines. She called it; Lavenderia: The Art of the Clothesline. (Here’s the original article posted in Women’s Voices for Change and then the Inquirer: WVFC RETRO: ITALIAN THREADS, LAUNDRY MEMORIES. Click on the title and it will take you to WVFC with text and more photos.)

Canal Clothes: Laundry hanging over the canal in Venice. Very risky!

Now, with the help of my friend Krista, I am working on a photo-journal book about clotheslines. Friends and family who travel have also contributed photos, so right now I have pictures from Italy, Cuba, Portugal, Burma, and Lancaster Count and Centre Counties, PA, where the Amish clotheslines are the most visible in the countryside.

This photo was taken by gallery owner Kathleen Arleth on a recent trip to Ireland. I told her I did not have any “Irish Laundry,” so she sent lots of photos. Thanx, Kathleen. Her gallery website is:

So if you don’t see postings twice each week this month and next, you will know that I am busy with laundry!  I also found a website: or .org (both) that I am investigating. In the meantime, here are some samples photos above and below:

Triple Lines Laundry: I took this on a trip back to State College to see my midwife, so this photo is from an area about one hour from State College where there are settlements or homes of Amish and Mennonites.


Tree Line: This is one of my favorites, taken on the way back from The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy. I found this scene much more interesting than a tower that could topple over.

I will let you know when the book is complete and available for sale. I am learning that many people have an affinity for clothes on a line as a way of reminiscing. Who knew?

First Day of Spring

Monday, March 20th, 2017

Here it is the first day of Spring with snow still remaining from the last snow storm. But last week we went to the Philadelphia Flower Show and had a preview of spring with the theme Holland: Flowering the World and saw thousands of tulips as well as other beautiful flowers.

Here are some photos taken by my husband, his daughter and me. The flowers were beautiful harbingers of Spring!


This was the lower entrance of the flower show with a bridge constructed above it and a welcome sign (in Dutch) nearby and a bridge with bicycles above these flowers:


                             Prize winning flowers that looked like double trumpets.

Blue-dyed tulips that looked undyed.


<<<<<<Buckets of tulips!

One of the many very large displays that incorporated tulips and bicycles or parts of bicycles. Tulips & bicycles are two recognized items in Holland.

Each year several schools in the Philadelphia area create exhibits or paintings. Lincoln High School did a wonderful exhibit combining quotes by Anne Frank, who lived in Holland, a reproduction of the secret rooms she and her family hid in during WWII, and beautiful flowers in front of the rooms. Several of Anne’s quotes were about Nature. Sensitively and beautifully done. Below this quote were comments by people who connected to the sensitive display.

Of course, no display about Holland would be complete without windmills, a significant symbol of this tiny country. Here is only one of many on display as part of the flower show:

And here is one last photo of tulips taken by my husband’s daughter. The colors at the show were incredible! It certainly gave us a beautiful preview of Spring!

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