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My New Clothesline Book is on AMAZON.COM!

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

For The Love of Clotheslines

To order, just click on the title above (underlined for URL linking)  
OR go to In the search box, put the title and my name, ellen sue spicer-jacobson it will come up.


Dear Friends, Family, Subscribers, and Browsers:
I have been working on my clothesline book for a long time, since I first came home from Italy in 2011 with 75 pictures of clotheslines. (See full description below.) My friend Krista introduced me to Create Space in August (the date next to the title on Amazon) and I just completed the publishing process with her on Friday, so I am very excited about having my book available to all of you so quickly after I finished the final proof.
I am investigating how to put it on Kindle and will post that as soon as I do, but because it has so many photos, you may prefer the paperback version.
When you click on the title, you will see a link that says:
If you like the book, I urge you to use the link to review it.
Here is my description of the book that is also listed on, owned by Amazon:
The urge to write For the Love of Clotheslines came from our trip to Italy in 2011, where I took more photos of wet clothes hanging on balconies and on clotheslines in villages and small towns than I did of statues and churches. Something about seeing the clotheslines triggered strong memories of my childhood. 
Women’s Voices for Change printed my online article and photos from my trip, read by Kathleen Arleth, a gallery owner in Somers Pt., NJ and she asked me to do an exhibit of my photos. What a bonus! 
I then took additional clothesline photos in nearby Lancaster County and also asked family and friends to take photos on their trips. I added research on clothesline history, my article about Italy in Women’s Voices for Change, and poems from other clothesline lovers. 
Voila! A photo book with text was born to be enjoyed by young and old alike. It can be used as a coffee table addition, and would make a great gift for photo lovers and people who like to reminisce. The book also makes a pitch for bringing back clotheslines as a way of “going green,” so people concerned with the environment will enjoy it also.  
The Foreword by clothesline lover Anne Lawrence is entitled “Clothesline Memories,” so it is especially suited for people who remember their moms hanging clothes on the line, winter and summer. Whether for nostalgia, the love of photographs, a concern for the environment, or just for the fun of reading about a subject not many people would bother to write about, you may find this book delightful, fanciful, educational, and enjoyable. 
The book has also given me a sense of community because of my contact with other clothesline lovers and people willing to take photos when they travel. I feel a kinship with them in this joint endeavor. 
I plan to donate a portion of the proceeds from selling my book to environmental groups whose philosophy mirrors my own, such as Friends of the Earth, Earth Justice, and Breast Cancer Action (BCA pursues companies polluting the environment with carcinogenic ingredients.)  
This book is a labor of love that would have been impossible without the help of my friend and writer Krista Nelson. Her knowledge of Create Space and her skills with design made this book project happen. 
Celebrate clotheslines in all their windswept and sun-drenched glory with your very own copy of For the Love of Clotheslines!

First Minor Change for 2014

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

(The New Year has brought me back to my original host for Menupause, since his provider is more compatible with WordPress, the program I use for Menupause.)

I decided to put the LINKS list (no longer a separate category) in with MY PICS, a new one added to MY BOOKS, since these are links that I like. I removed those that I felt were outdated or repetitious. I may add to this as needed.

Links to Other Sites

This index include websites that I use in my postings. Not all the websites are listed, just those I feel will be the most useful or are featured in Profiles, Reviews, Health Flashes, etc. – FINCA International (Foundation for International Community Assistance)-Small loans-Big Changes

www.analiese– A wonderful jewelry website with reasonably priced, unique items that I wear for myself and also give as gifts. Custom made items are available. A health-oriented website that I first used in the February 2008 posting on the pigment power in foods.

www.foodand– A Washington, DC organization that keeps us up-to-date on issues of safety in our food and water supplies. Informative and effective. One of my favorite websites. It is part of the Freshlife Health Food Store, owned and operated by my dear friend, Barb Jarmoska. You will see this website posted often. I reviewed Susan O’Brien’s vegan cookbook and here is her link. Website of Mary Woods (and husband David), who have created postcards and posters emphasizing Love. I reviewed Mary’s ebook, The Heart of the Matter in the February 2008 posting.– Website of Laurie Handlers, tantric goddess, who I profiled and also reviewed her book, Sex and Happiness: The Ten Tantric Laws of Intimacy in October 2006. of Jay Jacobson, artist, musician, singer. His first CD Infinite Man is one of my favorite CDs.Since then he has made several more.

Living Without – This is a website featured in the May 2008 posting. It is a wonderful magazine for those with gluten, dairy, or other sensitivities. It can be found under Profiles because I profile Peggy Wagener, who started the magazine because of her own celiac disease. A website devoted to gifts of caring for those going through chemotherapy, radiation, or other illnesses. Profile of creators Tracy Wood & Rona Buchbinder can be found in the March 2008 posting. – Author/Activist Eve Ensler’s V-Day campaign, also to stop violence against women. She is the author of The Vagina Monologues, The Good Body, etc. – This is the website for The Vegetarian Resource Group, profiled with its originators, Charles Stahler and Debra Wasserman in October 2008.– The Women for Women International organization which helps impoverished women everywhere. I now sponsor a woman from Rwanda (with other women in my family)